15 Synonyms for “Responsible for” on Your Resume

So, you’re a responsible person.

You’ve been given responsibilities in a workplace, and you want to show that on your resume.

But are you worried “responsible for” might be too repetitive or generic?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! This article will explore what to use instead of “responsible for” on your resume to help you mix things up.

Other Ways to Say “Responsible for”

  • Tasked with
  • In charge of
  • Accountable for
  • Handle
  • Oversee
  • Involved in
  • Manage
  • Lead
  • Direct
  • Taking care of
  • Organize
  • Execute
  • Coordinate
  • Run
  • Instruct


  • “Responsible for” is a great resume word that shows you are in charge of something important.
  • “Tasked with” is a great replacement showing you’re happy to take charge of something.
  • “In charge of” is another great way to discuss your responsibilities in a CV or cover letter

Keep reading to learn another way to say “responsible for” on a resume. We’ve covered the best two options to show you how each works.

You can also skip to the final section to learn whether you can use “responsible for” on your resume. It’s worth looking over that before you decide to include it in your job application!

Tasked With

You can use “tasked with” instead of “responsible for” on your resume. It’s a great formal synonym that shows you were made responsible for something.

Generally, this is a great way to show you were given a project to look after. Typically, that means an employer trusts you and wants you to do something for them.

If you can prove that a former employer trusted you, you’re bound to get a new employer to follow that trend.

So, you can use “tasked with” in your job application to show that you’re happy to take charge of certain tasks.

After all, the sooner you can prove you’re reliable and effective, the sooner you’ll secure yourself an interview.

These resume examples should also help you:

I was tasked with completing the payroll at the end of each month. I learned a lot about how it worked from my time doing that.

They knew they could trust me to be tasked with hiring and firing. I was very good at it and made sure to do it well.

In Charge Of

“In charge of” is another word for “responsible for” on your resume, which shows you’re capable of looking after something.

Whenever you discuss your responsibilities in a professional setting, you need to show you’re capable and willing to help.

Therefore, it’s good to use a phrase like “in charge of” to get to the point quickly. Employers will understand that you were given the responsibility and see you as a more reliable candidate.

Generally, employers will be more likely to look into you if you appear as a reliable candidate.

They’ll want to learn more about you and often ask you to come to an interview to see what you’re about.

If you’re still unsure, review these CV samples:

They put me in charge of the budget because I understand it better than most. For that reason, I learned a lot about this field.

I’m currently in charge of ordering office supplies. It’s not much, but it’s a great way to show accountability and awareness.

Can You Use “Responsible for” on a Resume?

You can use “responsible for” on a resume. Responsibilities are important in the workplace. So, the more things you’re in charge of, the better you’ll appear to an employer.

It’s a good resume word because it’s professional and direct.

It lets employers know you’re capable of being in control of something. After all, you won’t be made “responsible for” anything unless you’ve proven yourself to be trustworthy and reliable.

Here are some things you can be responsible for in the workplace:

  • Hiring and firing
  • Opening and closing the store
  • Ordering office supplies
  • Budget
  • Payroll

As you can see, all of these are quite important things. So, it makes sense that you’d have to be an important and reliable worker if you’re the one who has to do them.

Here are some examples to help you see how to use “responsible for” in a sentence, too:

I am responsible for hiring and firing new employees. It’s taught me a lot about how I present myself and being respectful.

I’m responsible for ordering office supplies when they’re running low. My employer knows I can get them sorted.

We recommend using it to show you’re ready and willing to step up in the workplace. Remember, responsibilities are always good to share!