15 Synonyms for “Step Out of Your Comfort Zone”

Do you want to encourage someone to “step out of their comfort zone”? Or perhaps you’d like to demonstrate a time you’ve done so in your resume?

Luckily, this article will explore the best ways to encourage yourself or someone else when stepping out of your comfort zone.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone Synonyms

  • Broaden your horizons
  • Stretch yourself
  • Explore your options
  • Make yourself uncomfortable
  • Get uncomfortable
  • Never say no
  • Discover new things
  • Be a “yes” man/woman
  • Live dangerously
  • Live life on the edge
  • Learn something new
  • Become a beginner again
  • Push yourself
  • Challenge yourself
  • Test yourself


  • “Step out of your comfort zone” is a direct and clear message letting someone know to challenge themselves.
  • Try saying “broaden your horizons” formally if you want a more specific idiom for someone to figure out the meaning behind it.
  • “Stretch yourself” is a good informal choice telling someone to set themselves a challenge.

Stick around if you’d like to learn more about the most useful phrases. We’ll explain how they work and the best ways to include them in different contexts.

Broaden Your Horizons (Formal)

“Broaden your horizons” is a fantastic idiom giving you another way to say “step out of your comfort zone.”

You could use it in many business contexts to encourage people to try new things.

Generally, this phrase is going to yield the best results in spoken business contexts. You might find yourself talking to a coworker in the breakroom, and a phrase like this will encourage them to be a bit more adventurous with their choices.

We also recommend using “broaden your horizons” on a resume to show a time when you’ve expanded your portfolio or challenged yourself. It lets a potential employer know what you’re capable of and that you’re willing to put work into bettering yourself.

Here are some examples showing you when this idiom might work:

Have you tried to broaden your horizons? I feel like you have so much more to offer!

Broaden your horizons so you can see what else is out there! I think you’ll be very surprised.

Stretch Yourself (Informal)

“Stretch yourself” is a good idiomatic choice because it offers a different way to say “step out of your comfort zone.” It tends to work better in informal contexts.

Generally speaking, “stretch yourself” isn’t as obscure as some other idiomatic choices. This makes it more useful in conversational contexts because you don’t have to explain what you mean or why you’re using a word like “stretch.”

We recommend using this phrase when speaking to your friends. After all, it allows your friends to go outside of their comfort zone and see what they can learn. It lets them know to push themselves to the limit or try multiple things simultaneously.

You could even use this phrase in formal contexts. “Stretch yourself” is effective on its own, making it a suitable synonym for “step out of your comfort zone” regardless of the tone of the conversation.

Why not take a look at these examples to see how to use it:

You should stretch yourself so you can explore everything out there. I think you’ll enjoy that.

Please, stretch yourself before you move on. You haven’t tapped into your full potential just yet.

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