12 Synonyms for “Tech-Savvy” on Your Resume

Do you want to let an employer know that you’re tech-savvy? While highlighting your IT skills is a good idea, “tech-savvy” might not be the most formal option.

Luckily, we’re here to help! We’ve gathered the best alternatives for a professional way to say “tech-savvy” in your CV.

Tech-Savvy Synonyms

  • Techie
  • Computer literate
  • Technology enthusiast
  • Good with computers
  • Technophile
  • Enthusiastic about computers
  • Seasoned user
  • Programmer
  • Proficient with computers
  • Technical expert
  • Computer expert
  • Familiar with technology


  • “Tech-savvy” is a good way to highlight IT skills, but it’s not a professional term.
  • You could say “techie” if you’re applying for a job specifically related to technology and computers.
  • “Computer literate” is the most effective phrase to show your IT skills in a resume.

There are plenty more things to say about the most effective synonyms. Keep reading to learn all about the best options and how they work.

You might also find the final section interesting. If you’d like to learn whether you can say “tech-savvy” on your resume, you will find the answers in the last part.


“Techie” is a great term to use in your resumes and cover letters. You should use it to show you are enthusiastic about technology and keen to demonstrate what you know.

The definition of “techie,” according to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is “a person who is very knowledgeable or enthusiastic about technology and especially high technology.”

You should use it when applying for a position related to technology. After all, the more you can show you appreciate and know about it, the more likely an employer will hire you for your interest.

Being a techie is a learned skill. It’s not something you naturally pick up. Therefore, including it in your resume’s skills section is great.

With all that said, “techie” might not be as effective as some other formal options. It’s better than “tech-savvy” because it has a more official meaning. However, it’s still a little too informal, especially if you’re applying to really professional workplaces.

You could use it in the following ways:

As a techie, I find it easy to learn new types of software on the job. I’m happy to share my knowledge with coworkers as I go.

I’m a techie, so I’m always learning new things about technology. There’s always something new for me to pick up.

Computer Literate

“Computer literate” is a very well-rounded alternative that applies to many contexts. You should include it in your resume to show someone that you know a lot about technology.

It’s a great skill to demonstrate as soon as possible. After all, if you’re not computer literate, an employer will have to train you if your new job requires you to use technology in ways you might not be used to.

So, the more you demonstrate that you know about technology, the better your chances will be. Most employers will look for candidates who are already computer literate (especially in the modern internet age).

We highly recommend using “computer literate” over “tech-savvy” in a resume. It’s more professional and applies to many situations that “tech-savvy” might miss.

These examples will help you understand more about it:

I’m computer literate and capable of writing in three different programming languages.

I’m computer literate and able to teach others what I know. There are plenty of things I can bring to the team.

Can You Say “Tech-Savvy” on Your Resume?

Generally, “tech-savvy” isn’t appropriate on your resume because it’s not professional. However, it is still a great phrase to show that you have good IT skills.

It’s definitely better to use another word for the term due to the informality that comes with it. Most employers would prefer to see something more formal.

With that said, being “tech-savvy” is a hard skill. It takes a lot to learn about technology, and you will often need dedicated study and research to achieve success.

Since it’s a skill, it’s worth including it in some form on a CV. However, we certainly recommend one of the synonyms listed previously.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page to remind yourself of the synonyms. You can never have enough words and phrases to mix up your writing when filling out resumes.