10 Ways to Say “Thank You for Lunch”

Are you trying to write a message to thank someone for lunch? Of course, there’s the simple “thank you for lunch,” but you can certainly be more creative than that.

Luckily, you have options. This article has gathered the best phrases to thank someone for a lunch meeting or in other contexts.

Ways to Say “Thank You for Lunch”

  • I really appreciate your lunch invitation
  • It was so nice to share lunch with you
  • Cheers for buying lunch
  • I appreciate you paying for lunch
  • Thanks for the lunch invite
  • Cheers for lunch yesterday
  • I owe you one for getting me that lunch
  • I hope I can repay you for lunch
  • That was a really nice lunch meeting, thank you
  • I appreciated spending time with you at lunch


  • “Thank you for lunch” is simple and effective, though it isn’t a very creative phrase.
  • You could say “I really appreciate your lunch invitation” if you want to sound more formal.
  • Try “it was so nice to share lunch with you” if you want to be more casual and caring.

Keep reading to learn more about the best synonyms. We’ve also explained how they work in different contexts to help you learn more about them.

Or maybe you want to learn more about “thank you for lunch.” You can read the final section to learn whether you should send a thank-you message to a friend for buying lunch.

I Really Appreciate Your Lunch Invitation (Formal)

You can use “I really appreciate your lunch invitation” in formal settings. It’s a good alternative to include when someone has treated you to a business lunch or a meeting of some kind.

As an employee, it’s worth using it when emailing your boss. It shows respect towards them for offering to buy lunch.

Knowing how to thank someone for lunch is easy when you use a phrase like “I really appreciate your lunch invitation.” It’s much more personal and appreciative than “thank you for lunch.” So, we recommend using it in most professional instances.

Here is an email sample to show you how it works:

Dear Mr. Martens,

I really appreciate your lunch invitation. It was a great business lunch, and I think we learned a lot.

All the best,

It Was So Nice to Share Lunch With You (Informal)

If you’re interested in thanking someone after a more casual lunch treat, then try “it was so nice to share lunch with you.” It’s a kind and caring way to show someone how thoughtful their lunch offer was.

Generally, this phrase works when thanking your boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s a great way to show love and appreciation towards their offer.

Alternatively, you can use it after a friend has offered you lunch at home. It shows how grateful you are toward them and that you’d love to have lunch with them again.

Unfortunately, “it was so nice to share lunch with you” is far too loving and conversational. You should not use it formally. Stick with the simpler “thank you for lunch” if you want to be more professional.

Here are some message examples to help you with it:

It was so nice to share lunch with you. Thank you for paying as well! You’re the best boyfriend.

I must say, it was so nice to share lunch with you at your home. We’ll have to do it again soon!

Should You Send a Thank-You Note for Lunch?

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t send a thank-you note for lunch. After all, it’s the polite thing to do, so it makes sense in most contexts.

If someone has taken you out for a lunch treat, then why not thank them? It shows how friendly you are, and you can often use it both formally and informally.

Of course, you need to know what to say before writing your thank-you note. “Thank you for lunch” is the basis of this article, but it’s a little boring. You should definitely review some of the alternatives to see what better options you have.

Generally, the tone of your writing dictates whether it’s formal or informal. You can review the previous sections to learn what works in different contexts.

So, don’t forget to bookmark this page! Then, you’ll have all the synonyms at your disposal when you want to thank someone for lunch.