8 Ways to Say “Thank You for the Gift Card”

You have just received a gift card and want to show how grateful you are, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will explore how to say “thank you for the gift card” in different ways.

Ways to Say “Thank You for the Gift Card”

  • I appreciate the gift card and will put it to good use
  • Cheers for the gift card
  • I’ll use it well; thank you
  • I appreciate you getting me this gift card
  • I’ll make sure to choose something interesting with this card
  • This gift card will help me out
  • I appreciate this gift card and what I can get with it
  • Thanks for this gift card; I’ll have to browse the website later


  • “Thank you for the gift card” is an acceptable way to thank someone after receiving a simple gift card.
  • You can try “I appreciate the gift card and will put it to good use” in formal instances.
  • “Cheers for the gift card” works well when you’re trying to sound more conversational.

Keep reading to learn what to say when receiving a gift card. We’ll touch more on the most effective synonyms to help you explore different options.

Alternatively, you can skip to the final section. We have explained whether you should send a thank-you message for a gift card in the first place. Perhaps that will be more beneficial to your current situation.

I Appreciate the Gift Card and Will Put It to Good Use (Formal)

You should try using “I appreciate the gift card and will put it to good use” in formal settings. It’s great to include because it shows gratitude while also letting someone know that you plan to use the gift card.

For instance, you might use it in a message to your boss. It’s a good way to accept a gift card and let them know the gift won’t be wasted.

You could also use it when emailing coworkers. As long as they’ve given you a gift card and you want to thank them for it, this phrase works well.

Accepting a gift card from work is easy enough with this phrase. So, we recommend using it instead of “thank you for the gift card” when you want to sound a little more creative and grateful.

Here is an email example to demonstrate when it might be appropriate to write a thank-you message:

Dear Daniel,

I appreciate the gift card and will put it to good use. Thank you for thinking of me.

All the best,

Cheers for the Gift Card (Informal)

If you’ve received a gift card from friends instead of the workplace, then perhaps “cheers for the gift card” works better. It’s more casual, making it suitable for most informal messages.

Let’s say your friend bought you an Amazon gift card. Using “cheers for the gift card” is a polite way to accept it and show them how much you appreciate the gift.

You can also use it towards loved ones when you want to remain casual and conversational. It’s a great phrase to use in many informal settings.

Generally, you should keep this phrase to casual formats. It does not work in formal situations. Stick with “cheers for the gift card” if you want to sound more professional.

You will benefit from referring to these examples to help you:

Hey, man! Cheers for the gift card! I really appreciate the thought that went into getting me this.

Wow. Cheers for the gift card. I will make the most of the restaurant gift card when I next see my boyfriend.

Should You Send a Thank-You Note for a Gift Card?

It’s very polite to send thank-you notes, even if you feel like they’re a bit overboard. So, if someone has bought you a gift card for your birthday or Christmas, it’s worth sending a thank-you message to them if you want to show your appreciation.

Of course, a gift card isn’t always the most exciting gift. However, it’s always welcome to say “thank you,” whether you’re pleased with a gift or not.

You should certainly try writing a thank-you note when someone sends you a gift card next. After all, you’ve got plenty of examples to choose from now! So you don’t have to worry about writing the wrong thing.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page to remind yourself of the alternatives. Then, you’ll always have a way to thank someone after receiving a gift card.