14 Other Ways to Say “All the Best for Your Future”

A card is being passed around the office. It’s time to say goodbye to a coworker that you don’t actually know that well.

You want to be polite, but you’ve not got much to say. Is “all the best for your future” too cliché?

If you think so, you can try using one of the phrases we’ve compiled below.

Other Ways to Say “All the Best for Your Future”

  • Good luck in your future endeavors
  • Wishing you lots of luck
  • Best wishes for the future
  • Best of luck
  • Wishing you all the best
  • Wishing you luck 
  • Stay well
  • Hope you do well
  • Break a leg
  • I’m rooting for you
  • Here’s to your future successes 
  • I wish you nothing but success
  • All the best for what’s to come
  • Good luck with the next chapter of your life


  • Firstly, “all the best for your future” is a correct and polite phrase that you can use in a professional setting.
  • Secondly, a strong formal alternative is “good luck in your future endeavors.”
  • Lastly, as an informal option, you can try using “wishing you lots of luck.”

Furthermore, if you would like to see examples of how these phrases can slot into your language, then keep on reading.

We’ll explain more about the scenarios you can use these synonyms in and also take a closer look at how you can use “all the best for your future.”

Good Luck in Your Future Endeavors (Formal)

“Good luck in your future endeavors” is a formal alternative to the phrase “all the best for your future.”

This phase has a sophisticated tone, which means it’s perfect to use when you’re communicating with people who appreciate a particularly polite tone.

This could, for instance, be an old-fashioned boss at work or a coworker with whom you don’t have an especially close relationship with.

However, “all the best for your future” is still a phrase with a formal tone, so it will still be appropriate to use in these scenarios. Therefore, this is just an alternative for when you want to diversify your language.

Here is an example of how this phrase appears in a sentence:

Dear Francis,

It’s been a privilege to work under you and I’ve learned so much.

Good luck in your future endeavors. I’m sure you’ll succeed.

Kind regards,

Wishing You Lots of Luck (Informal)

“Wishing you lots of luck” is an informal synonym for the phrase “all the best for your future.”

This is a great option if you’re saying goodbye to a coworker whom you have a friendly relationship with and you want to express your hope that they go on to be successful. 

Moreover, it has a less formal, more relaxed tone than “all the best for your future,” but it’s still perfectly polite and appropriate to use in a professional context.

Here is an example of how it works in a sentence:

Dear Beth,

It’s been a pleasure to work with you – I’ll miss our coffees and catch-ups!

Wishing you lots of luck in your new role.

Love Marissa

Is It Correct to Say “All the Best for Your Future”?

Firstly, “all the best for your future” is a grammatically correct and polite phrase.

Furthermore, you will often encounter this phrase in a professional environment, where people will use it to express their well-wishes to a coworker who is moving on.

  • All the best for the future
  • Wish you all the best in the future
  • All the best for your future endeavors

It’s acceptable to use either “in” or “for” in this phrase, so you can also say “all the best in your future.”

However, this construction is slightly less clear, as it can sound like you’re planning on wishing someone the best at some point in the future. Consequently, we would recommend sticking with “for.”

In conclusion, we hope you’ve found this article useful and now feel confident using this phrase.

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