21 Other Ways to Say “As Previously Mentioned”

You want to refer back to something you’ve said earlier, but is “as previously mentioned” the right phrase to use?

We’re here to answer that question! Additionally, we’ve compiled a list of useful alternative phrases so you’re never at a loss for words!

Other Ways to Say “As Previously Mentioned”

  • As outlined above
  • Like I said before
  • Aforementioned
  • As I mentioned before 
  • As I told you before
  • As mentioned above
  • As I explained previously
  • As per my last
  • Aforesaid
  • Abovementioned
  • As I said before
  • Like I said
  • Further to my previous comments
  • As previously stated
  • As mentioned prior
  • Regarding my previous point
  • Referring back to
  • Going back to what was said before
  • To reiterate some previous points
  • Prior mentioned
  • Prior to this


  • The phrase “as previously mentioned” is grammatically correct and suitable to use in formal and informal settings, depending on the context.
  • In particularly formal circumstances, such as academic writing, you can say “as outlined above” as well.
  • In more casual settings, you can simply say “like I said before.”

Stay where you are! We’re going to discuss our favorite formal and informal synonyms for “as previously mentioned” in the next section. We’ll even show you some useful examples!

After that, we’ll talk about the original phrase in more detail. Does it come across as rude?

As Outlined Above (Formal)

Our favorite formal synonym for “as previously mentioned” is the phrase “as outlined above.”

This phrase is great to use in an essay or other academic writing. Namely, it keeps things as concise as the original phrase. Therefore, it won’t increase your word count!

It’s not a better phrase than “as previously mentioned.” In fact, you could use either one of these phrases in a formal essay.

However, it never hurts to change your phrasing and avoid repetition in an academic paper. You want it to be a smooth and interesting read!

Finally, to see this phrase in action, consider the following examples:

For the purposes of this experiment, we will be using the Pavlovian conditioning techniques, as outlined above, on a parakeet named Gerard.

As outlined above, the impacts of climate change may have devastating results for these coastal communities.

Like I Said Before (Informal)

Another way of saying “as previously mentioned” is to simply say “like I said before.”

This is an informal and straightforward synonym that you can use in more casual circumstances to refer to a previous point.

Since this phrase makes use of the personal pronoun “I,” it may not be suitable for all academic writing. However, it can certainly be used in professional settings, i.e., during meetings or in an email to a colleague.

“Like I said before” is not better than “as previously mentioned,” but it is closer to layman’s terms and less academic. Thus, it may be better suited for more casual conversations.

Let’s see an email example making use of this phrase:

Dear Grant,

Like I said before, the representatives of the company aren’t available in January.

I could reach out for a meeting in March if that would suit you.

Let me know.

Is It Correct to Say “As Previously Mentioned”?

The phrase “as previously mentioned” is grammatically correct and suitable to use in formal and informal settings, depending on the surrounding context.

There are better alternative phrases to use in some settings. Therefore, you can use our list of alternatives if you’re looking for a more casual, or especially academic, synonym.

However, you should get by using “as previously mentioned” in most circumstances without a hitch.

Moreover, the phrase “as previously mentioned” is not inherently rude, but it can come across as rather passive-aggressive if you say it with an impatient tone. We know it can be frustrating to repeat yourself, but don’t let that sour your interactions!

Furthermore, there’s no real difference between saying “as mentioned previously” and “as previously mentioned.” Therefore, you can use either one of these variations interchangeably.

As mentioned above, the phrase “as previously mentioned” is great to use in all types of situations, but it never hurts to change up your phrasing from time to time either.

Thus, if you found our list of synonyms helpful, you should feel free to bookmark this page to keep them on hand!