12 Other Ways to Say “Both Work for Me”

Has someone presented you with two times to arrange a meeting? You may want to let them know if both times work well for you, so they can make the final choice.

“Both work for me” is a good start, but are there better options? This article will explore some synonyms you can use for “both work for me.”

Other Ways to Say “Both Work for Me”

  • I can do either
  • Either of those works
  • Both work well
  • I can do both
  • I don’t mind either
  • Happy to do either
  • Both work well
  • I’m fine with whichever
  • Either or
  • Either’s fine
  • I’m not fussed
  • You can decide between them


  • “Both work for me” is already suitable in formal contexts.
  • “I can do either” is a good option if you want a professional synonym.
  • “Either of those works” sounds slightly more informal, making it better in conversational cases.

So, there are clearly some great options available in this situation! Keep reading to learn more about the best ones and how they work!

Also, you can skip to the final section to learn whether “both work for me” is correct. If that’s why you came to this article, then you know where to go from here.

I Can Do Either (Formal)

“I can do either” is a very suitable formal alternative. It shows that you are happy with either option, suggesting that only two options exist. Of course, that means “either” does not work for a number greater or less than two.

You should use it in a business email when someone has suggested two specific times. After all, if they really want to meet with you, they will usually provide some times that work for them to get the best results from you.

We certainly recommend using “I can do either” and “both work for me” in similar professional contexts. Both are correct and formal, making them suitable in any situation when asking for someone’s availability between two times.

Here are some examples showing you situations that might come up:

Dear Abby,

Thanks for getting back to me so soon. I can do either, so let me know when you set it up.

All the best,

I can do either time. I don’t mind which one you choose but let me know when you’ve sorted it out.

Either of Those Works (Informal)

“Either of those works” is a great informal synonym showing you’re happy to do something at two different times.

Again, “either” only refers to two times, so ensure you don’t use it for more or less than two when setting up times.

Generally, this phrase will work best when speaking with friends or colleagues and setting up a meeting. If your colleague has already determined two times that work well for them, you can confirm that both times are also acceptable for you with this phrase.

“Either of those works” also works quite well formally. You can try using it in business contexts to show you’re happy to do something at a specified time. It’s just as effective as “both work for me.”

Here are some examples showing you how to write it:

Either of those works for me, Damien. Message me again when you’ve thought about it.

So, either of those works for me. I’m happy for you to make the final decision before we do anything.

Is It Correct to Say “Both Work for Me”?

“Both work for me” is correct and suitable in all contexts. You can use it formally or informally to show that two times are optimal for you.

You can also use the following variations:

  • Both times work for me
  • Both dates work for me
  • Both options work for me
  • Both slots work for me
  • Both work for me as well

You should use “for” as the preposition if you want to remain formal. Some people use “with,” but this makes the phrase slightly more conversational.

  • Formal: Both work for me.
  • Informal: Both work with me.

Finally, ensure that you use “work” without an “-s” at the end of the verb. “Works” is incorrect with “both.” “Both” refers to a plural instance, meaning that only “work” makes sense.

  • Correct: Both work for me, so I’m happy to let you decide.
  • Incorrect: Both works for me. Let me know which one you settle on.

Feel free to bookmark this page to remind you of all the best synonyms for “both work for me.” You never know when you might need to use another one!