12 Other Ways to Say “By the Way”

You probably don’t want to say “by the way” in an email when telling something an important piece of information. That’s why you’ve come to find an alternative, right?

This article will explore a formal way to say “by the way” in an email. We will also show some better options to use in your writing, in general, to mix things up.

Other Ways to Say “By the Way”

  • In case you weren’t already aware
  • Just so you know
  • This is to let you know
  • I think you should know
  • It would help if you know
  • I’m not sure if you’re aware
  • Just to note
  • As a quick note
  • I’d like to mention
  • Have you heard that
  • I need to tell you
  • Just to say


  • “By the way” is not formal, so you should avoid using it in formal emails and professional situations.
  • Stick with “in case you weren’t already aware” if you want to sound polite and professional.
  • “Just so you know” is a great conversational alternative that works well.

Keep reading to learn what to say instead of “by the way.” We’ve explored the best options for both formal and informal situations. Then, you can have plenty of phrases to mix up your tone.

Alternatively, you can skip to the last section. We’ve explored whether “by the way” is formal to help you understand it. So, read all about that if it’s of interest to you at the end.

In Case You Weren’t Already Aware (Formal)

“In case you weren’t already aware” is a great example of what to say instead of “by the way.”

It’s a formal alternative for letting someone know you have more information to share with them. You should use it when you’re unsure whether someone has heard new information.

Generally, this phrase works best when emailing coworkers. It shows you have information to share with them that you may have heard from your boss or other superior.

After all, they might have received the same information. So, “in case” allows you to check first before you give them the rest of the message.

We recommend using “in case you weren’t already aware” over “by the way” in most professional circumstances. It’s much more effective, making it a useful phrase when you want to be polite to the email recipient.

Here is an example to show you how it works:

Dear Adam,

In case you weren’t already aware, we have had a change of plans regarding the targets.

Let me know what you think,

Just So You Know (Informal)

“Just so you know” is an informal synonym for “by the way” that mixes things up. You can use it when you want to add minor details or information to a conversation.

Generally, this phrase works when messaging or emailing friends. It shows you have some minor information to share via a message that might apply to them. However, using “just” shows that the information might not be all that important or relevant.

You should avoid using “just so you know” formally, though. It’s not a good choice (but neither is “by the way”). Conversationally, “just so you know” and “by the way” are great. Professionally, you should find a different alternative to use.

Perhaps this example will help you with it:

Hey Timmy,

Just so you know, they’re still exploring their options before making any decisions. Bear with them.

Best wishes,

Is “By the Way” Formal?

“By the way” is not formal. It is a conversational way to share new information with someone. You should use it to share unimportant or small pieces of information.

Generally, “by the way” is polite. While it’s informal, it is not rude. You can use it because it shows that you want to tell someone something.

It’s grammatically correct and surprisingly common in English. You’ll often hear it in spoken English, though. It’s rare to come across it in an email (especially a professional email) because it doesn’t belong in a business sense.

Also, you may come across the following abbreviation:

  • BTW

“BTW” is the abbreviation of “by the way.” They mean the same thing, but “BTW” is even less formal. You should only use “BTW” in text messages and informally.

Feel free to bookmark this page to remind yourself of how to say “by the way” professionally or politely. You can always count on us to provide the best synonyms to help you.