11 Other Ways to Say “Enjoy Your Time Off”

Is someone at work taking some time off or going on vacation? Maybe you’re looking for a way to wish them well that sounds better than “enjoy your time off.”

Well, you’re in the right place. This article will look into how to say “enjoy your time off” differently to mix things up in messages and emails to colleagues.

Other Ways to Say “Enjoy Your Time Off”

  • Make the most of your vacation
  • Have a blast on holiday!
  • I hope you have the best time off
  • Enjoy your trip
  • Have a great vacation
  • I’m going to miss you
  • I can’t wait to see the updates
  • Enjoy your holiday
  • I’ll see you when you get back
  • I hope you have a great time away
  • Enjoy your day


  • “Enjoy your time off” is a great phrase to include in formal and informal writing when someone is going away.
  • Try saying “make the most of your vacation” as a professional alternative.
  • You can say “have a blast on holiday!” in more informal situations.

Keep reading to learn another way to say “enjoy your time off.” We’ve explained the best alternatives to show you how they work.

You can also learn whether it’s correct to say “enjoy your time off.” The final section will explain everything you need to know.

Make the Most of Your Vacation (Formal)

“Make the most of your vacation” is a great formal alternative. You might not have come across it before, but it’s a very effective synonym that works well in writing.

You should use it when emailing employees who have requested time off. It’s a friendly and polite way to encourage them to have a good time away from work. It’s especially effective if they’re a hard worker and you feel they have earned some time away.

Generally, “make the most of your vacation” and “enjoy your time off” are interchangeable in formal settings. You should switch between them to keep things interesting in your emails.

Here are a few examples to help you:

Dear Abdul,

Please, make the most of your vacation! You’ve earned this time away, and I look forward to seeing you after your time off.


I hope you make the most of your vacation! These things don’t come around often, so enjoy them.

Have a Blast on Holiday! (Informal)

“Have a blast on holiday!” is a great informal phrase. You should use it as a synonym for “enjoy your time off” when you want to sound more friendly and relatable.

It’s great to use when speaking with colleagues who are about to go away. It shows that you are enthusiastic and want them to have fun. If you’re close to your colleague who’s going away, it’ll show them that you want the best for them, even if you aren’t going on holiday yourself.

Unfortunately, “have a blast on holiday!” only works conversationally. It’s a great thing to use as a farewell to a friend, but it does not suit formal contexts.

You should stick with “enjoy your time off” if you want to be professional. It’s much more respectful, allowing you to use it effectively in emails.

Here are some examples that might help you:

Have a blast on holiday, Joseph! I can’t wait to see all the epic pictures you take of the pyramids!

I hope you have a blast on holiday! We’re going to miss you, but we hope you won’t be gone too long.

Is It Correct to Say “Enjoy Your Time Off”?

It is correct to say “enjoy your time off.” You can use it when someone is going on vacation. It’s most common to say when someone gets time away from work.

“Time off” always implies that someone has time away from work. “Off” shows that they do not have to work their usual hours because they have booked a vacation.

Here are a few other variations you can use:

  • Enjoy your time off from work.
  • Enjoy your time off. You deserve it!
  • Hope you enjoy your time off.
  • Please enjoy your time off.

Each of the variations above is useful in its own right. They allow you to sound polite and respectful when someone is planning to take some time off from work.

Feel free to bookmark this page, also. You never know when you might need a synonym for “enjoy your time off” again.