10 Other Ways to Say “Infectious Smile”

You want to compliment a person’s joyful face, but is using the phrase “infectious smile” complimentary or not?

In this article, we’ll answer that question while also providing a list of potential alternative phrases for “infectious smile” to keep things interesting.

Other Ways to Say “Infectious Smile”

  • Winning smile
  • Contagious smile
  • Engaging smile
  • Charming grin
  • Captivating smile
  • Irresistible smile
  • A smile like a tune you can’t stop humming
  • Beautiful smile
  • Fetching smile
  • Delightful smile


  • The phrase “infectious smile” is correct and recognized as a compliment in English.
  • In formal settings, you might employ the phrase “winning smile” instead.
  • In informal settings, you can use “contagious smile” interchangeably with “infectious smile.”

Keep reading to see how we use our choice of formal and informal synonyms for “infectious smile” in a couple of examples.

After that, we’ll discuss whether the phrase “infectious smile” is correct to use. Is it a compliment?

Winning Smile (Formal)

Talking about another person’s smile in the workplace can be tricky, but we’d say a “winning smile” is a perfectly professional adjective and a good formal synonym for “infectious smile” to boot!

This phrase suggests that a person’s smile is charming and persuasive – all good qualities in business! In the world of capitalism, winning seems to be the goal – so a winning smile is surely par for the course.

There’s nothing inherently bad about the phrase “infectious smile” either, but “winning smile” suggests that you’re commenting more on a person’s capacity for persuasion and winning people over.

It comes across as less of a compliment about someone’s physical attractiveness, which we think is preferable to avoid any miscommunications and unwanted emails from HR!

Let’s see this phrase used in a couple of examples:

Customers come here for great service and a winning smile.

She’s one of our best negotiators – she always brings clients to her side with her winning smile.

Contagious Smile (Informal)

A different way to say “infectious smile” is “contagious smile.” This is our favorite informal synonym since both the adjectives “infectious” and “contagious” compare the human smile to a deadly disease – but in a good way. That’s just neat.

Although “infectious” and “contagious” technically mean two different things, these phrases are often used interchangeably. In the case of a smile, either description has the same overall message – it’s a smile that spreads from person to person!

In other words, “infectious smile” is just as suitable for informal or casual conversation, but “contagious smile” can be used interchangeably.

Let’s see this phrase used in a few example sentences:

I think he’d make a good frontman since he has such a contagious smile. The crowd will love him!

I tell him he has a contagious smile, but the truth is that the shape his mouth makes is hilarious and it makes us all laugh.

Is It Correct to Say “Infectious Smile”?

The phrase “infectious smile” is correct and frequently used by English speakers as a compliment.

You can use it in formal and informal settings depending on the surrounding context.

Although “infectious” has the connotation of disease and infection in most other contexts, when referring to a smile, it’s a positive!

Essentially, this phrase means that someone’s smile is so nice to look at that it makes a smile spread to everyone else’s face too.

This can extend to other attributes. For instance, you can say that someone has an infectious spirit or infectious personality – these things about them just catch on to people!

Therefore, you can make use of our list of synonyms if you’re looking for a more professional synonym or if you just want to mix up your wording a little. Nonetheless, the original phrase is well-known and complimentary.

Feel free to bookmark this page if you’d like to keep our list of synonyms nearby for future use!