12 Other Ways to Say “Fruits of Your Labor”

Are you looking for interesting ways to talk about rewards from hard work?

Perhaps you’re worried that “fruits of your labor” isn’t the best phrase to use formally.

Luckily, it’s not your only choice!

This article will teach you how to say “fruits of your labor” in different situations, depending on the needs of your writing.

Other Ways to Say “Fruits of Your Labor”

  • Results of your hard work
  • Harvest of your toil
  • Rewards for your effort
  • Yield of your labor
  • Outcome of your endeavors
  • Fruits of your dedication
  • Benefits of your industry
  • Returns on your exertion
  • Product of your work
  • Profits of your commitment
  • Success of your endeavor
  • Results of your persistence


  • “Fruits of your labor” is correct to use, but it isn’t often the best choice in professional settings.
  • Try “results of your hard work” as a more formal synonym if you’re writing an email.
  • It’s worth using “harvest of your toil” for something a bit more informal in some cases.

Keep reading to learn other ways to say “fruits of your labor.” We’ll explain more regarding the best formal and informal synonyms to help you mix things up.

You can also read ahead to learn whether “fruits of your labor” is correct. It may be worth skipping to the final heading to learn a bit more about that if it applies to you.

Results of Your Hard Work (Formal)

Try using “results of your hard work” as a more formal synonym. This is a simple yet effective way to let someone know what they get for succeeding with a project or task.

Generally, you can use this when contacting employees. It shows them that there are rewards for the work they put in.

Usually, this is enough of an incentive for most people to work harder. It also helps that the phrase is professional and honest, clarifying what people can achieve.

Feel free to review these email samples if you still need help with it:

Dear All,

I want you to understand that these are the results of your hard work.

Keep it up, and there will be plenty more opportunities just like this.

Best regards,
Kim Anderson

Dear Jonathan,

These are the results of your hard work.

I knew I could count on you to do this, and now you’re being rewarded.

Best wishes,
Suzie Clarke

Harvest of Your Toil (Informal)

Another way to say “fruits of your labor” is “harvest of your toil.” This is a more informal option that matches the tone of the original phrase.

Of course, it’s a bit more idiomatic. It’s friendly and fun, making it a more exciting way to discuss someone’s rewards or efforts.

Generally, you can use it when writing to students and enticing them to work harder. It’s a unique and interesting way to get them on board and push them.

Also, you can review this sample email to learn more:

Hey Adam,

I want you to understand what the harvest of your toil will be.

If you put the work in now, you will be greatly rewarded later!

Mr. Robinson

Alternatively, you can use it when texting an employee. It could be a good option for you to be more friendly when letting them know what they might get out of completing a project or task.

Also, here’s a helpful message sample to show you more:

I hope the harvest of your toil will be enough of a push to get this completed! I’m looking forward to seeing what you can do.

Is It Correct to Say “Fruits of Your Labor”?

It is correct to say “fruits of your labor.” It’s generally a good way to talk about the results or rewards someone might receive for their efforts.

However, it’s a bit unprofessional. So, it’s probably better not to use something like this in a formal email.

Still, you can review this example to learn how to use “fruits of your labor” in a sentence:

I certainly hope you reap the fruits of your labor. You’ve put so much time into this, and I’m glad you get to win one!

You can also use any of the following extensions to mix things up:

  • Enjoy the fruits of your labor
  • Reap the fruits of your labor
  • See the fruits of your labor

As you can see, it’s common to put a verb before the phrase. After all, this allows someone to make the most of the reward they might get from their hard work.

So, you should bookmark this page to remind yourself of the best ways to say “fruits of your labor.” Then, you’ll always have some back-up synonyms to help you mix things around.