14 Other Ways to Say “FYI”

Work can be fast-paced, so it’s important to get information across quickly and efficiently. But is using the acronym “FYI” a suitable way to do this?

Read on to find out!

Additionally, in this article, we’ve compiled a list of useful alternatives to “FYI,” so stay tuned.

Other Ways to Say “FYI”

  • Just so you know
  • Please be advised
  • Kindly be informed
  • For your information
  • Just to let you know
  • So you’re aware
  • It should be mentioned
  • You might like to know
  • Please be informed
  • I’d just like to bring to your attention
  • For the record
  • I’d like to notify you
  • For your reference
  • For easy reference


  • You can use “FYI” in formal and informal circumstances. It is not considered rude in general but can be passive-aggressive when coupled with a certain tone or context.
  • As a professional alternative to “FYI,” you can say “please be advised.”
  • As an informal alternative, you can say “just so you know.”

Before you click away! In the next section, we’ll discuss our favorite formal and informal synonyms for “FYI.” Moreover, we’ll show you how to use each one in some useful examples.

Thereafter, we’ll let you know whether “FYI” is considered rude. Is it inappropriate to use “FYI” in formal communications?

Please Be Advised (Formal)

“Please be advised” is a great example of how to say “FYI” professionally.

It is a polite way of providing additional information in email correspondence to colleagues at work or in other formal situations.

To be clear, “FYI” is a perfectly effective phrase to use in the workplace, and it’s not uncommon for you to send an FYI email to your boss or coworker. Nonetheless, it never hurts to shake up your language from time to time, and “pleased be advised” works well as an alternative.

To see how “please be advised” might be used in practice, consider the email examples below:

Dear Students,

Please be advised that the library will be closed over the weekend of the 5th of November.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Gerald from Student Affairs

Dear Ms. Du Toit,

I have attached several potential templates for our presentation below.

Please be advised that these templates are copyrighted material, so we can select exactly three under our current budget.

All the best,
Keenan Row

Just So You Know (Informal)

“Just so you know” is a different way of saying “FYI” or “for your information,” and you can use it in more casual circumstances.

You can use this phrase when you’re giving someone information that doesn’t require any action on their part. In other words, you are providing information as a courtesy.

We wouldn’t recommend using this phrase in formal circumstances, as “FYI” would be the preferred phrase to use. However, it’s fine to use when speaking to friends, family, acquaintances, or even colleagues at work that you are close to.

Let’s see this phrase used in a couple of examples:

Just so you know, I’ve forwarded your email directly to the client.

I’m clocking out early today, just so you know.

Is It Rude to Say “FYI”?

The phrase “FYI” is not inherently rude, but it can come across as passive-aggressive if said in the wrong tone or if the surrounding email is less-than-polite.

Ultimately, whether this phrase comes across as rude depends greatly on the context and the tone with which you say it.

In short, “FYI” isn’t generally considered rude, even in professional correspondence. Nonetheless, if you’re worried about keeping the tone of your emails polite, you can make use of one of the formal synonyms on our list.

However, “FYI” is a great acronym to keep your work emails brief in a fast-paced workday. Therefore, if you’re confident that you can use it effectively and it’s acceptable to use it according to the culture at your workplace, then go for it!!

In conclusion, you can use “FYI” in formal and informal circumstances. It is not generally considered rude unless the tone of the speaker is passive-aggressive.

If you find our list of synonyms helpful, feel free to bookmark this page and come back at any time!