11 Other Ways to Say “Have a Nice Day”

When you’re a pleasant and polite person, you’ll often find yourself wishing others a “nice day.”

However, no matter how pleasant this is, it can still get repetitive and dull.

That’s why we’ve provided you with a list of unique ways to say “have a nice day” below.

Other Ways to Say “Have a Nice Day”

  • Hope you have a pleasant day
  • Have a good one
  • I hope your day goes well
  • Have an amazing day
  • Have the best day 
  • I hope all goes well today
  • Enjoy the rest of your day
  • Take it easy today
  • Have a great day
  • Have a lovely day
  • Have a good day


  • “Have a nice day” is a grammatically correct and polite phrase that you can use in professional and casual settings.
  • If you’re looking for a more formal option, try using “hope you have a pleasant day.”
  • If you’re trying to use more casual language, consider saying “have a good one.”

Don’t go anywhere!

We’ve selected our favorite formal and informal alternatives for “have a nice day” and elaborated on them below. This includes providing handy example sentences to help you understand how to slot these phrases into your speech and writing.

After that, we discuss the correctness of “have a nice day.” So, keep on reading!

Hope You Have a Pleasant Day (Formal)

If you’re wondering how to say “have a nice day” in a more formal tone, then consider the synonym, “hope you have a pleasant day.”

The addition of extra and longer words gives this phrase a more sophisticated feeling than its counterparts.

It’s perfect to use in a professional environment, whether you’re speaking to colleagues or customers.

You could use this phrase in an email, like below:

Dear Janusz,

Please could you send over the social media analytics for this month when you get the chance?

Hope you have a pleasant day.

Kind regards,

You can also use it in conversation, like in this example sentence:

It was lovely to see you again; I hope you have a pleasant day.

“Have a nice day” is still perfectly effective and appropriate in formal scenarios but you can use this phrase to add some variety to your conversations.

Have a Good One (Informal)

An informal alternative to “have a nice day” is “have a good one.”

This phrase can be used in a conversation when the context makes it clear that you’re discussing the day.

In tone, it’s more casual and colloquial than “have a nice day.” Consequently, it’s not as appropriate for professional settings and should be reserved for conversations with friends.

However, it’s a great option when you want to introduce a more relaxed feel to your language.

Take a look at these example sentences:

I’m off now but I’ll see you tomorrow. Have a good one!

If I don’t see you before tomorrow, have a good one, mate.

Is It Correct to Say “Have a Nice Day”?

You can say “have a nice day” because it’s a grammatically correct phrase that is appropriate to use in both informal and formal scenarios. 

While our list of alternatives might help you change up your language, the original phrase is perfectly good. It’s polite to wish people a “nice day” and adding these little pleasantries into your interactions with people will ensure that you don’t come across as rude.

Additionally, you could make slight adjustments to this phrase while still retaining its original meaning. For example:

  • Hope you have a nice day

The only time we wouldn’t recommend using this phrase is at night, as that could be rather confusing.

In conclusion, “have a nice day” is grammatically correct and suitable to use in formal and informal settings. It is a polite way to wish people well.

If you find our list of alternatives helpful, feel free to bookmark this page and come back at any time!