12 Other Ways to Say “If Time Permits”

If you’re trying to say that you need something done, but only if there’s time, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of formal and informal synonyms for the phrase “if time permits.” By the end, you’ll have more than enough verbal ammunition!

Other Ways to Say “If Time Permits”

  • If your schedule allows
  • If there’s time
  • Time permitting
  • If there’s enough time
  • If we have the time
  • If time allows
  • If your schedule permits
  • Assuming there’s time
  • If we can find the time
  • Unless time should run out
  • If there’s no rush
  • If there’s no hurry


  • The phrase “if time permits” is grammatically correct and most suitable for formal settings.
  • If you want to change your choice of words in formal settings, you can say “if your schedule allows.”
  • In informal settings, you can say “if there’s time” instead.

Before you go! We still need to discuss our choice of formal and informal synonyms for “if time permits” in more detail.

After that, we’ll discuss the correctness of the original phrase. Should it be permits or allows?

If Your Schedule Allows (Formal)

“If your schedule allows” is another way to say “if time permits” in formal and professional settings.

This alternative works great in work or school scenarios where a person’s day-to-day schedule may be packed full. It is a tad less broad than the original, which refers to time in general.

Nonetheless, both phrases effectively imply that something need only be done if it’s possible to do so. Thus, this alternative is not superior to the original. You can simply use it to change your phrasing from time to time in your work correspondence.

Finally, let’s see a sample email making use of this phrase:

Dear Kaya,

I would like you to sit in on the client meeting this afternoon if your schedule allows it.

I think it will give you some superb insight into our company’s overall structure.

Hope to see you then.


If There’s Time (Informal)

In informal circumstances, you can say “if there’s time” instead of “if time permits.” This is a more casual and conversational alternative.

While we wouldn’t recommend using this phrase in formal correspondence with your boss or clients, it’s perfectly okay to use it with your colleagues. This is especially so if you have a close relationship with your peers at work.

Moreover, although this synonym can be used interchangeably with “if time permits,” the latter phrase might sound strange if you’re speaking to friends or in an informal setting.

To see this synonym in action, let’s look at an email example:

Hi Adrian,

I’ll have a look at your drafts if there’s time, but I trust that they are perfectly fine either way. You have a knack for them!

I’ll get back to you later if I have any feedback.

All the best,

Is It Correct to Say “If Time Permits”?

The phrase “if time permits” is perfectly grammatically correct. However, this phrase might sound strangely formal in casual settings.

Therefore, you can use our list of synonyms if you are looking for a more casual alternative. Moreover, you may want to change your phrasing here and there to keep your work emails diverse. Thus, you can use some of our more formal synonyms from time to time too!

If you’re wondering whether there’s a difference between “if time permits” and “if time allows,” we’ll consider that next!

Essentially, both “if time permits” and “if time allows” are perfectly correct. In fact, these phrases can be used interchangeably!

Finally, if you found our list of synonyms helpful, go ahead and bookmark this page to keep them on hand!