14 Other Ways to Say “I’m on My Period”

Period symptoms can be disruptive and that’s why it’s essential that we learn to speak freely about them without shame. It’s perfectly fine to simply say “I’m on my period.”

However, if you’d like to learn some other popular phrases for this predicament, read on!

Other Ways to Say “I’m on My Period”

  • I’m feeling under the weather
  • It’s my time of the month
  • I’m having lady troubles
  • Aunt Flo has arrived
  • It’s shark week
  • I’m riding the crimson wave
  • Code red
  • I’m riding the red tide
  • The red wedding hath begun
  • I’m running a red fever
  • I’m menstruating
  • I am indisposed
  • My uterus is punishing me
  • It’s the monthlies


  • The phrase “I’m on my period” can be used in most formal and informal circumstances.
  • As a professional alternative that you can use when calling in sick, you can simply say “I am feeling under the weather.”
  • As an informal alternative, you can say “it’s my time of the month.”

Don’t go anywhere! In the next section, we’ll discuss our favorite professional and informal alternatives to saying “I’m on my period.”

After that, we’ll consider the correctness of this phrase. When is it appropriate to use it?

I Am Feeling Under the Weather (Professional)

It’s normal to feel unwell when you’re on your period, and this can impact your workday. That being said, why you’re unwell is nobody’s business, particularly at work. You never have to provide too many details when calling in sick.

Therefore, if you’re wondering how to say “I’m on my period” without saying it, simply saying “I am feeling under the weather” is perfectly suitable.

You can use this phrase when speaking to your boss or a coworker professionally to let them know that you are indisposed for the day.

Consider the following examples:

I won’t be making it into the office today, as I am feeling under the weather.

I’m afraid I am feeling under the weather today, so I will be working from home.

It’s My Time of the Month (Informal)

As you can tell from our list, it’s not difficult to find all sorts of slang for menstruation. However, our favorite informal alternative for “I’m on my period” is to simply say “it’s my time of the month.”

This phrase is one of the ways to express that you are menstruating politely. Although it’s nobody’s business why you are unwell at work, you can use this phrase when speaking to friends or colleagues who may sympathize with your situation.

It’s perfectly suitable to say “I’m on my period,” as there is nothing impolite or inappropriate about this phrase. Nonetheless, you can use “it’s my time of the month” to change up your wording from time to time.

Finally, let’s look at an example:

Person 1: I was trying to talk to a guy in the billing department, but my headache got too painful to focus.

Person 2: Oh dear! Do you get migraines often?

Person 1: No, but it’s my time of the month and headaches are an unlucky symptom.

Is It Correct to Say “I’m on My Period”?

It is completely correct to say “I’m on my period.”

Moreover, this is the best phrase to use when speaking to anyone, especially a doctor, about symptoms or troubles you are facing as a result of your period.

We wouldn’t recommend using this phrase in formal correspondence at work only because there is no need to explain yourself if you are feeling unwell!

In other words, our list of synonyms, slang, and euphemisms can be fun to employ with friends or colleagues, but the original phrase is perfectly suitable in most instances.

In conclusion, the phrase “I’m on my period” is grammatically correct and suitable to use in formal and informal circumstances.

If you found our list of synonyms funny or helpful, bookmark this page and come back whenever you like!