12 Other Ways to Say “It Suits You”

Are you looking for a good way to compliment someone’s style? Maybe “it suits you” works in some cases, but is it effective in all of them?

Don’t worry! This article will help to answer that. We’ll explore some great synonyms you can use instead of “it suits you.”

Other Ways to Say “It Suits You”

  • You look very good in that
  • That looks fantastic on you
  • I haven’t seen someone pull that off quite like you
  • You look so fit in that
  • That fits you so well
  • I can’t believe how good you look
  • Since when did you look that good?
  • You’re looking so dapper
  • You look incredible
  • I wish I could look that good
  • That outfit was made for you!
  • You wear it so well!


  • “It suits you” is a great compliment you can use in many contexts.
  • “You look very good in that” is suitable in formal situations when passing a compliment.
  • “That looks fantastic on you” is ideal for informal situations.

Keep reading to learn more about the most effective synonyms! That way, you’ll have something to use instead of “it suits you” to compliment someone’s outfit.

Feel free to skip to the final section if you’re interested in learning more about “it suits you.” We’ve touched on whether it’s correct and where it works best.

You Look Very Good in That (Formal)

“You look very good in that” is a decent formal synonym for “it suits you.” It suggests that someone impressed you with their style or look in a business setting.

A phrase like this works well when discussing attire or uniform with an employee. If they look good in their new suit or outfit, you should say something like, “you look very good in that.” It’s complimentary and might make them feel good about themselves.

While you won’t use a phrase like “you look very good in that” in a formal email, it still works well in other professional instances. We highly recommend using it over “it suits you” when you want to sound respectful and polite.

Check out these examples to help you figure it out:

You look very good in that. Please tell me where you got it from.

You look very good in that. My suits aren’t tailor-made, so I don’t get to look that good!

That Looks Fantastic on You (Informal)

“That looks fantastic on you” is a great informal option showing you a different way to say “it suits you.” It’s great if you know the person well and you want to compliment their style.

A compliment like “that looks fantastic on you” will go a long way for most people. It will make them feel great about themselves. You should try it the next time you see someone dressed to impress!

You can try using it when messaging friends about their new outfits. It shows you are taken aback by their style choice and think it looks fantastic.

Of course, you won’t find many professional uses for “that looks fantastic on you.” It’s probably best to stick with “it suits you” in formal contexts if you don’t have any better compliments to use.

These examples should give you more tips on how to use “that looks fantastic on you”:

Oh, wow! That looks fantastic on you! I can’t believe how much you’ve grown lately.

That looks fantastic on you. Can I get the address for the place you got it?

Is It Correct to Say “It Suits You”?

“It suits you” is correct and works well as a compliment. You should use it to compliment someone’s style and let them know they’re looking good.

You may also add modifiers like “well” to the end of the sentence. This will help to emphasize the compliment. For example:

  • It suits you well
  • It suits you so well

You should only use “suits” when writing the verb form, though. Since “it” is the pronoun, an “-s” must come at the end of the verb. For instance:

  • Correct: It suits you well, mate.
  • Incorrect: It suit you well.

Also, if you’re keen to mix up your language, try using “fits” instead of “suits” in some cases. Both are great choices.

  • It fits you well.
  • It suits you well.

Generally, “suits” is more idiomatic. However, “fits” can work as an extra synonym when needed.

You should bookmark this page if you need to refer back to the rules surrounding “it suits you.” Then, you’ll always have a synonym to rely on when complimenting someone again.