15 Other Ways to Say “May You Please”

You want to make a polite request but don’t quite know how to do so. Is “may you please” the right phrase to use?

If you’re looking for another way to say “may you please,” our list should help!

Furthermore, we’ll discuss the correctness of “may you please” to give you certainty once and for all.

Other Ways to Say “May You Please”

  • Could you please
  • Would you mind
  • Will you please
  • Would you please
  • Would it be possible
  • Please could you
  • Would you kindly
  • Would you be so kind
  • Will you be so kind
  • Do you mind
  • May I ask
  • Kindly
  • If you’d be so kind
  • Could you perhaps
  • Would you be willing


  • The phrase “may you please” is grammatically incorrect and should not be used to make a request in any circumstances.
  • As a formal alternative, “could you please” is the most correct.
  • In informal circumstances, you can say “would you mind”

Don’t go anywhere! In the next section, we’ll discuss our choice of formal and informal alternatives to “may you please” with some helpful examples.

After that, we’ll discuss whether “may you please” is grammatically correct and what you should use instead.

Could You Please (Formal)

A more correct way to say “may you please” is “could you please.”

This phrase is polite and suitably formal to use in school or work scenarios. Additionally, you can employ it in professional emails or business correspondence.

As this phrase is grammatically correct, it is a better option to use than “may you please,” which is grammatically incorrect.

Lastly, consider the following examples:

Dear Kendal,

Could you please forward this along to the client at your earliest convenience?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Heather, could you please deliver this to the fourth floor?

Would You Mind (Informal)

As an informal synonym to “may you please,” you can use the polite but casual “would you mind.”

This phrase is neither especially formal nor obviously informal. It is, therefore, suitable to use in most circumstances, including at work.

However, we would advise against using this phrase when speaking to a superior or client. It is best reserved for exchanges with colleagues with whom you have a friendly relationship.

Let’s see this phrase used in a couple of examples:

Casper, would you mind helping me file these away?

Would you mind taking my shift this evening? I want to go to my little sister’s recital.

Is It Correct to Say “May You Please”?

Firstly, the phrase “may you please” is grammatically incorrect and should not be used to make requests.

Secondly, as “may” is generally used when asking permission to do something, it is not proper English to use it when you are asking someone else to do something.

Thirdly, the better phrase to use would be “can you please,” “could you please,” “will you please” or “would you please.”

Therefore, the following alternatives are all incorrect:

  • May you please send me
  • May you please advise
  • May you please help me
  • May you please assist
  • May you please call me

To write each of the above with the correct grammar, you could replace “may” with “could” or “can.” Either one of these words is grammatically correct, although the use of “could” is considered more polite.

In conclusion, “may you please” is grammatically incorrect when you’re making a request.

Could you please” is grammatically correct and the politest option when you are requesting something.

Finally, if you think you’ll need to be reminded not to use “may you please,” or you think our list of alternatives is helpful, go ahead and bookmark this page!