13 Other Ways to Say “Keep Me In the Loop”

It’s important to stay informed, and we all need a bit of help with that from time to time. But is “keep me in the loop” the best way to ask for information?

In this article, we’ll answer that question while also providing some useful alternative phrases that you can use in formal and informal settings.

Other Ways to Say “Keep Me In the Loop”

  • Please notify me
  • Keep me posted
  • Catch me up
  • Keep me updated
  • Keep me up to date
  • Clue me in
  • Keep me briefed
  • Keep me informed
  • Bring me up to date
  • I want to be kept in the know
  • Let me know
  • Please advise me
  • Fill me in


  • The phrase “keep me in the loop” is correct and suitable to use in informal settings.
  • To change your phrasing in informal settings, you can also say “keep me posted.”
  • In more formal circumstances, you can say “please notify me” instead.

Before you go! We’ll expand upon our choice of formal and informal synonyms for “keep me in the loop” in the next section.

After that, we’ll discuss the correctness of this phrase. Is it in the loop or on the loop?

Please Notify Me (Formal)

If you’re seeking a professional way to say “keep me in the loop,” we would recommend the phrase “please notify me” as a formal alternative.

With the inclusion of “please,” this phrase is a great way to politely ask to be kept in the loop. Moreover, it is more suitable to use in the workplace than the more informal original phrase.

To see how this phrase might be employed in practice, let’s look at an email example:

Dear Hinal,

I will be in an important meeting this afternoon and will need you to screen my calls until 04:00 pm.

Please notify me if we are contacted by the team.

Thank you,

Keep Me Posted (Informal)

“Keep me posted” is another way to say “keep me in the loop” in informal settings.

This phrase is an idiom meaning to keep someone informed about changes in a situation.

Essentially, it has precisely the same meaning as “keep me in the loop.” Therefore, these phrases can be used interchangeably.

While we wouldn’t recommend using this idiomatic phrase when speaking to your boss or a client, it’s perfectly okay to use it in casual settings. Moreover, you can use it when speaking to coworkers with whom you have a friendly relationship.

Consider the following examples to see what we mean:

Keep me posted about the investment – we’ll need to keep a close eye on those stocks.

I’ll be out of the office this afternoon, but I’ll keep my cell on, so please keep me posted about the account.

Is It Correct to Say “Keep Me In the Loop”?

The phrase “keep me in the loop” is a grammatically correct idiomatic phrase. Moreover, it is most suitable for informal circumstances.

Therefore, you can use our list of synonyms to find more formal alternatives for this phrase. Perhaps, to use at work or school.

You can also make use of our list if you want to mix up your language from time to time in informal settings.

Let’s look at a few variations of this phrase that you might use in practice:

  • Keep me in the loop on the progress
  • Please keep me in the loop for further emails
  • Please keep me in the loop for further updates

You’ve probably noticed that we used the preposition “in” in each of these examples rather than the preposition “on.” If you’d like to understand why, we’ll discuss that next!

In short, “keep me in the loop” is the only correct version of this phrase.

Therefore, it would be incorrect to say “keep me on the loop.”

This is because “the loop” refers to a feedback loop of information. You can imagine it as a Venn diagram with a circle of knowledge that the person wants to be kept inside of. As such, it wouldn’t make sense to be “on” the loop.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you have, why not bookmark this page so that you can return whenever you like?