10 Other Ways to Say “Looking Forward to It”

How do you express that you’re keen to partake in work and social activities without using “looking forward to it” over and over again?

If you’re bored of this phrase, read on to learn a bunch of useful alternatives to keep your work emails and social communications fresh.

Other Ways to Say “Looking Forward to It”

  • Eagerly anticipating it
  • Counting down the days until it
  • Excited for it
  • Longing for it
  • Impatiently awaiting it
  • Can’t wait for it
  • Eagerly awaiting it
  • Impatient for it
  • Keenly awaiting it
  • Waiting eagerly for it


  • “Looking forward to it” is grammatically correct and suitable for formal email exchanges.
  • Another professional alternative to “looking forward to it” is “eagerly anticipating it.”
  • In informal circumstances, you can use the phrase “counting down the days until it” instead.

Don’t click away yet! In the next section, we’re going to explain how to use our choice of formal and informal alternatives in context.

Afterward, we’re going to look at the correctness of the phrase “looking forward to it” and let you know whether any of our synonyms should be used instead.

Eagerly Anticipating It (Formal)

If you’re trying to come up with another way to say “looking forward to it” in a professional email, “eagerly anticipating it” is a great choice.

This expression is respectful but enthusiastic, which are two great characteristics to exhibit in a business or professional setting.

To be clear, “looking forward to it” is a perfectly effective phrase and should be your preferred choice in formal emails. However, it wouldn’t hurt to use “eagerly anticipating it” to switch up your wording and avoid repetition, especially if you and the receiver are in constant communication.

Have a look at the examples below to see how this synonym could be used in an email exchange:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for considering me for this secondment.

The opportunity to visit our Singapore office is once in a lifetime, and I am eagerly anticipating it.

Kind regards,
Axel Breadwith

Dear Katherine,

Thank you for offering to take on this project.

We are confident that your presentation will impress our investors and, I must say, we are eagerly anticipating it.

With warm regards,

Counting Down the Days Until It (Informal)

If you’d now like to know how to say “looking forward to it” in a more informal way, look no further! Our top pick is the phrase “counting down the days until it.”

If to look forward to something means you are excited for it to happen, this phrase shows that you are incredibly excited to the point that you are keeping track of the days until “it”, whatever it may be, happens.

Although this phrase is perfect for informal messages to friends or family, we wouldn’t recommend using it in formal circumstances. It is certainly not more suitable than “looking forward to it” in the context of formal emails but can be used informally or even surrounded by slang!

Nevertheless, here are a few examples of how to use the phrase “counting down the days until it”:

I’ve been counting down the days until it finally snows.

I’m not just prepared for her visit – I’ve been counting down the days until it!

Is It Correct to Say “Looking Forward to It”?

Although the synonyms we’ve provided are useful for changing up your language, “looking forward to it” is perfectly grammatically correct and suitable for formal exchanges.

You should use it when emailing colleagues, clients, or even superiors.

Since this phrase is so effective, it’s worth knowing how to alter its wording slightly to make it more suitable for the particular content of your email. Here are a couple of potential alternatives:

  • I’ll be looking forward to it
  • I have been looking forward to it
  • We’ve been looking forward to it

In conclusion “looking forward to it” is absolutely correct and should be your preferred choice when writing emails to co-workers or other members of the workforce.

However, if you want to add some variety to your messages, one of our synonyms will help!

If you’d like to mix up your emails with different ways of saying “looking forward to it,” feel free to bookmark this page for future reference!