14 Other Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Your Reply”

If you want to encourage prompt responses from others but are wondering what to say instead of “looking forward to your reply,” we’ve provided a list of synonyms to keep things varied and interesting.

In this article, we’ll also look at whether “looking forward to your reply” remains the best choice, or whether it’s considered too pushy for business emails.

Other Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Your Reply”

  • Await your response
  • Hope to hear from you soon
  • Await your reply
  • I look forward to your response
  • A prompt response would be appreciated
  • Thank you in advance for your response
  • Appreciate your quick response
  • Look forward to hearing from you
  • Anticipate your reply
  • Can’t wait to hear what you think
  • Eagerly await your response
  • Let me know what you think
  • Keep me posted
  • Please respond at your earliest convenience


  • “Looking forward to your reply” is polite and suitable for business emails.
  • To mix up your language from time to time, we recommend using “await your response” as a more impersonal alternative.
  • In informal circumstances, you can use the phrase “hope to hear from you soon” instead.

Don’t stop reading just yet! Next up, we discuss how our favorite formal and informal alternatives to “looking forward to your reply” can be used in context. You’ll want to stick around for some example email exchanges.

After that, we’ll discuss whether it is too pushy to use the phrase “looking forward to your reply” in business emails. Should you leave the phrase out altogether?

Await Your Response (Formal)

You can use the phrase “await your response” to sound formal and impersonal. This alternative is great for business emails.

We would still consider “looking forward to your reply” a superior synonym since this phrase is formal but also moderately friendly. However, you can use “await your response” to mix up your wording now and then, especially when speaking to someone new.

You can also precede this phrase with words like “eagerly” to sound friendlier and more enthusiastic as you develop a working relationship with someone.

Let’s look at a couple of example email exchanges to see this phrase in action:

Dear Ms. Kyle,

I have attached the documents you requested below with a few alterations for your approval.

I will await your response before forwarding them upstairs.

Pamela Isley

Dear Mr. Nygma,

I have attached the addresses of a few popular bathtub companion warehouses for you to peruse and choose from.

I eagerly await your response.

Best wishes,
Joseph Kerr

Hope To Hear From You Soon (Informal)

Another way of saying “looking forward to your reply” is “hope to hear from you soon.” From our list of potential synonyms, this is our favorite informal option!

We wouldn’t recommend using this phrase instead of “looking forward to your reply” in formal or office circumstances. However, it’s perfectly suitable for informal email exchanges with someone whom you have a familiar relationship with.

Let’s see a few examples of this phrase in action:

I’ve attached my phone number below in case you’d like to call and catch up one of these days. Hope to hear from you soon!

I hope to hear from you soon so we can figure these plans out well before the due date.

Is It Polite to Say “Looking Forward to Your Reply”?

Although we’ve provided some alternatives to “looking forward to your reply”, this phrase is perfectly polite and formally acceptable in its own right. It should still be your go-to phrase in business emails.

“Looking forward to your reply” is generally used to encourage a response from the receiver or let them know that you are expecting a reply.

You may, therefore, have some concerns about closing a business email with this phrase. What if it comes across as too pushy? Should I leave it out?

There’s no need to worry! On its own, “looking forward to your reply” is in no way an aggressive or bossy phrase.

Some pushier alternatives would be “please respond at your earlier convenience” or “a prompt response would be appreciated.” These synonyms express that there is some urgency.

“Looking forward to your reply,” on the other hand, lets the receiver know that you are excited to hear what they think. Overall, it shows that you are engaged and enthusiastic about the content of your email, which can only be a good thing!

So, to conclude, “looking forward to your reply” is perfectly polite in both informal and professional settings.

If you’re ever feeling uncertain about using this phrase or would like to shake things up with some alternatives, feel free to bookmark this page for reference!