15 Other Ways to Say “Please Let Me Know”

It’s important to stay in the loop at work, but “please let me know” may be an overused phrase, particularly in business emails.

Fret not, however, as we’ve compiled a list of formal and informal alternatives to this phrase to keep your emails diverse instead of dull!

Other Ways to Say “Please Let Me Know”

  • Kindly notify me
  • Would you mind filling me in
  • Please keep me in the loop
  • Please keep me updated
  • Kindly inform me
  • Please keep me informed
  • If you wouldn’t mind letting me know
  • Please give me a heads up
  • I would appreciate you telling me
  • Please keep me advised
  • Kindly get back to me
  • Please alert me
  • Enlighten me if you please
  • Pray tell
  • Please clue me in


  • “Please let me know” is suitably formal for business correspondence, and it can be used in informal settings as well.
  • “Kindly notify me” is a good formal alternative to “please let me know.”
  • As a casual alternative, you can use “would you mind filling me in?”

Don’t click away just yet! We still need to discuss our favorite formal and informal synonyms for “please let you know.” Moreover, we’ll provide some useful examples so you can see these phrases in action.

After that, we’ll consider whether “please let me know” is suitable for formal correspondence. Should you use an alternative instead?

Kindly Notify Me (Formal)

If you’re wondering how to say “please let me know” professionally, we would suggest the polite and formal phrase “kindly notify me.”

You can use this phrase when speaking to colleagues at work or school. Furthermore, it is particularly suitable for an email exchange wherein you are asking to be informed of any changes or updates to a particular situation.

“Please let me know” is a perfectly suitable way to ask for information in a professional setting, but you can use this alternative when you want to want to sound especially formal and polite.

Let’s see this phrase used in an email example:

Dear Phelo,

I have forwarded your contact details to the client so that you can maintain contact while I’m out of the office.

If they request any further details from my side, kindly notify me.

All the best,

Would You Mind Filling Me In? (Informal)

If you’d like to know what to say instead of “please let me know” in casual circumstances, our top informal synonym is “would you mind filling me in?”

This phrase is a more colloquial and idiomatic way of asking for information, making it suitable for casual conversations or email exchanges with colleagues or other people with whom you have a close relationship.

However, we wouldn’t recommend using this phrase in formal circumstances, particularly when engaging with clients or higher-ups in the work hierarchy. In fact, “please let me know” would likely be the preferred option in this case.

Nonetheless, let’s see this phrase in a couple of example sentences:

I missed the meeting this morning, would you mind filling me in on the main points?

I’ll be out of office this afternoon, so would you mind filling me in if we get an update on the Gert case?

Is It Formal to Say “Please Let Me Know”?

The phrase “please let me know” is suitably formal for use in business emails and other commercial exchanges. Moreover, it is a polite way to ask for information or clarity in informal settings as well.

In summary, our list of synonyms can help you mix up your language in formal or informal circumstances, but you can use the original phrase with just as much success!

Here are a few ways that this phrase can be used in practice:

  • Please let me know if you have any questions
  • Please let me know if there are any updates
  • If there’s anything else I can do to assist you, please let me know

In conclusion, “please let me know” is appropriate to use in formal settings.

If you find our list of synonyms helpful, bookmark this page to you can return whenever you like!