13 Other Ways to Say “Will Do”

Are you still deciding whether “will do” is the best thing to write after your boss sets you a task?

Well, it’s lucky you stumbled across this site! We’ve got some alternatives that will be much more suitable for you!

This article will explain what else you might be able to say. Firstly, you’ll want to know how to say “will do” professionally!

Other Ways to Say “Will Do”

  • I’ll get to work
  • I can do that
  • I’ll get it sorted
  • I’ll see what I can do
  • Do what I can
  • Happy to help
  • I’ll get started right away
  • I’m on it
  • You don’t have to ask me twice
  • Of course, I will do that
  • I’ll look into it
  • I’ll do my best
  • No problem


  • “Will do” is not a formal phrase, but it is suitable in spoken and informal English.
  • “I’ll get to work” is the best formal alternative to “will do,” showing you’ll do something as soon as possible.
  • Try “can do” for an informal synonym that might replace “will do” in friendly contexts.

Now you’ve seen the best synonyms for “will do,” it’s time to look into them more. Keep reading to find out all there is to know about the best formal and informal options.

There’s also a great rundown of whether “will do” is correct and formal at the end. Skip to the final section if you’re interested in that!

I’ll Get to Work (Formal)

“I’ll get to work” is a great formal synonym for “will do” that shows genuine passion for your job. If someone has set a task, “I’ll get to work” lets them know you’ll get it done as soon as possible.

If you want to impress your boss, you should definitely use a phrase like “I’ll get to work.” You can use it in spoken English when talking to them or include it in an email if they’ve sent across a task for you to complete.

We think this phrase works much better than “will do” in formal English. In fact, you should always be using this alternative instead of “will do” if you want to appear professional and confident.

Here is an example in an email format to see it in action:

Dear Mr. Bridges,

I’ll get to work as soon as I’m done with my current task.

Thank you so much,

I Can Do That (Informal)

“I can do that” is an informal synonym for “will do.” You can replace “will” with “can” to show that you could do the task, though it doesn’t show commitment to the task.

Typically, “I can do that” is a non-commital phrase, showing you can do something without saying you definitely will. It isn’t as effective as “will do” if you want to show enthusiasm for a task. Instead, it shows you will try to do something if you find the time.

Be careful, as it comes across as more passive-aggressive in written English. However, in spoken English, it’s easier to convey your tone. So, if you’re speaking to a colleague you’re close with, you can use this as long as they know you’ll get around to the task they’ve set.

It’s a great conversational alternative. It might help mix up your responses from time to time.

Check these examples out if you need help with it:

Oh, yeah. I can do that. I’ll see whether I can move some things around to make time for it.

I can do that, mate. Let me know what I need to bring along before I arrive, though.

Is It Correct to Say “Will Do”?

Regarding being grammatically correct, “will do” is perfectly acceptable. It is missing a pronoun and object (i.e., “I will do that”), but it is still correct in informal English.

Notice how we said informal English, though?

“Will do” is not professional or formal. It does not work in business contexts, meaning you should avoid using it when writing an email or talking to someone you work with.

Here are a few other variations you might come across informally:

  • I will do that
  • Yes, will do
  • Sure, will do

Some also say that “will do” appears passive-aggressive. However, when used informally, “will do” is polite and shows you’re willing to do a task for someone. It is not passive-aggressive in informal contexts.

You should bookmark this page to come back to at a later time! You never know when you might need a refresher on how “will do” works!