14 Other Ways to Say “Please Provide Feedback”

It’s never easy to ask for feedback.

And if you’re worried that “please provide feedback” is a bit generic and boring, you’ve come to the right place.

Instead of using the same phrase again and again, you can refer to the synonyms in this article.

We’ll teach you how to politely ask for feedback in various email contexts.

Other Ways to Say “Please Provide Feedback”

  • I’m willing to learn from your criticism
  • I value any feedback you can give me
  • Please share your thoughts
  • We value your input
  • Your feedback is important to me
  • We welcome your comments
  • We would appreciate your feedback
  • Do you have any thoughts?
  • What is your feedback?
  • Your opinion matters to us
  • We are interested in hearing from you
  • We kindly request your feedback
  • Please take a moment to provide your feedback
  • Your perspective is valuable to us


  • “I’m willing to learn from your criticism” works well when handling a rejection from a job.
  • “I value any feedback you can give me” is a great way to encourage colleagues to give you feedback.
  • Try “please share your thoughts” when asking customers for feedback regarding a product.

So, read on to learn how to encourage someone to give feedback. There are plenty of options, but we’ll touch on three different ones with different contexts attached.

I’m Willing to Learn From Your Criticism (Feedback From Recruiter)

It’s hard to take a rejection well. But it’s all about learning and developing yourself every time you’re rejected.

In this case, let’s say you received a job rejection email. It’s good to use a formal and respectful phrase to reply.

You can use “I’m willing to learn from your criticism” in response to the recruiter. It’s a good way to ask for feedback after a job rejection.

Generally, this should give you some clarity as to why you didn’t get a job.

From there, you can decide to work on the parts of yourself that weren’t up to scratch.

You never know; it might help you secure a job in the future with no issues! It just depends on whether you’re willing to take the recruiter’s criticism on board!

Here’s a great email sample to also help you understand it:

Dear Michael,

I certainly appreciate you writing to me to let me know I was unsuccessful. I’m willing to learn from your criticism if you have anything to share.

All the best,
Sara Rooney

I Value Any Feedback You Can Give Me (Feedback From Colleagues)

You should use “I value any feedback you can give me” when you want to ask for feedback from your colleagues.

It’s a friendly and sincere phrase, showing you’re willing to learn from your peers.

Generally, phrases like this work well when you trust your colleagues. The more you trust them, the easier it is to let them give you feedback (that you’re actually going to listen to).

You can also use it when asking for feedback from your manager.

It’s friendly enough to work well in most situations. It simply shows you’re willing to learn from someone else’s input.

You can also review this email example:

Dear Team,

This is the work I’ve completed so far. I value any feedback you can give me to ensure this project is up to scratch!

Thank you so much,
Rodney Dangerfield

Please Share Your Thoughts (Feedback From Customers)

Finally, we’d like to go over how to discuss feedback with customers.

In this context, you can ask customers for reviews. Generally, if they’ve bought a product from you, it’s good to ask them what they think of it.

Therefore, “please share your thoughts” is a great alternative to use.

It allows you to ask for a direct review of a product. And most of the time, customers will be happy to oblige if you ask them in a respectful and polite way.

You can’t go wrong with “please share your thoughts.”

Since it’s so polite, it won’t offend the customer. Even if they don’t want to leave a review, you can still use this phrase to let them know you’d like to hear from them.

Perhaps this email example will help you if you’re still unsure:

Dear Mr. Hugh,

Thank you so much for purchasing our product. Please share your thoughts when you have a moment to let us know more.

All the best,
Sam Tracey