17 Other Ways to Say “Second Chance”

We all make mistakes, and nobody’s perfect! That’s why, in life, we might find ourselves asking for a second chance, either from our boss, our friends, or our romantic partners.

If you think the phrase “second chance” is getting a tad overused, stick around! We’ve compiled a list of useful alternative phrases that you can use when drama ensues.

Other Ways to Say “Second Chance”

  • Chance to rectify
  • Another shot
  • Another go
  • Redo
  • Another chance
  • Another opportunity
  • One more try
  • Do-over
  • Next change
  • Second try
  • Try again
  • Makeup
  • Second attempt
  • Another take
  • Take two
  • Pardon
  • Reprieve


  • The phrase “second chance” is correct and suitable to use in formal and informal settings, depending on context.
  • A formal synonym for “second chance” is “chance to rectify.”
  • An informal synonym is “another shot.”

Stay where you are! We still need to discuss our choice of formal and informal synonyms for “second chance” in more detail. Moreover, we’ll provide some useful examples.

Afterward, we’ll discuss the correctness of the phrase “second chance.” Is it worth giving someone a second chance if they’ve made a mistake?

Chance to Rectify (Formal)

If you’re looking for a more professional way to say “second chance,” we would recommend the phrase “chance to rectify” as a formal alternative.

Like the original phrase, this phrase can be used when someone has failed in some way and you are giving them the opportunity to try again. It is suitable to use in the workplace when someone has made a mistake.

“Chance to rectify” isn’t a better phrase than “second chance.” However, you can use it to change up your phrasing, particularly in work emails or formal correspondence.

Finally, let’s see how this phrase might be used in an email example:

Dear Michael,

This is an unfortunate error, but I appreciate your honesty in bringing it to my attention.

On that basis, I will give you a chance to rectify your mistake and hand in a corrected version of the document no later than tomorrow.


Another Shot (Informal)

If you’re in an informal setting and you’re looking for other words for “second chance,” why not try the more idiomatic phrase “another shot”?

Since this phrase is not to be taken literally, this makes it suitable for more casual settings. That being said, you should probably avoid using it in the workplace or in formal contexts.

Nonetheless, you can use this phrase when you make a mistake in an interpersonal relationship of a friendly or romantic nature.

Consider the examples below to see what we mean:

I know I messed up by lying to you, but I promise I’ll do better if you give me another shot.

Do you really think it’s worth giving him another shot if he still won’t make an effort to get along with your friends?

Is It Correct to Say “Second Chance”?

The phrase “second chance” is grammatically correct, and you can use it in formal or informal settings, depending on the overall context.

Therefore, while our list of synonyms might help you mix up your language from time to time, the original phrase is effective in its own right.

This phrase usually refers to a second chance in relationships, be they of a romantic or platonic nature.

However, it may also refer to giving someone a second chance after they’ve made a mistake at work or school. Sometimes, you might even get a second chance at life!

Whether it’s worth giving someone a second chance after they’ve made a mistake depends greatly on context.

On one hand, people can certainly learn and change after they’ve made a mistake. So, if they apologize and show that they have learned, it might be worth it to maintain a relationship with them.

On the other hand, the best form of apology is changed behavior. So, if someone apologizes but they don’t make an effort to change their problematic behavior, it may be in your best interest to cut your losses and walk away.

We hope you’ve found this article helpful. If you think it’s worth a second chance, go ahead and bookmark this page. That way, you can return sometime in the future!