10 Other Ways to Say “Sorry for Bothering You”

Sometimes, we find ourselves having to repeatedly ask someone many questions, or even having to ask someone the same question over and over again. 

After you’ve sent a few emails starting with “sorry for bothering you,” you might find you want to switch it up a bit.

That’s why we’ve compiled a great list of alternatives.

Other Ways to Say “Sorry for Bothering You”

  • I apologize for reaching out again
  • Sorry to bug you
  • Sorry for bugging you
  • I hope I’m not interrupting at an inconvenient time
  • Sorry to be a bother
  • I apologize for the repeated request
  • Sorry to burden you with this
  • Sorry to bring this up again
  • Sorry to be troublesome
  • Sorry to be a nuisance


  • “Sorry for bothering you” is grammatically correct and you can use it in a professional environment.
  • One formal alternative to “sorry for bothering you” is “I apologize for reaching out again.”
  • If you’re looking for a more casual option, try using “sorry to bug you.”

We’re not done yet!

We’re going to dive deeper into our two favorite formal and informal alternatives to “sorry for bothering you.” Furthermore, we’ll include some examples of how these phrases can fit into your emails.

After that, we’ll discuss the correctness of the original phrase.

I Apologize for Reaching Out Again (Formal)

Firstly, “I apologize for reaching out again” is a formal synonym for “sorry for bothering you” that you can use professionally.

Additionally, this is a phrase that’s often employed in emails and is normally used when you are repeatedly asking someone about the same topic.

However, this phrase isn’t better than the original. It’s just a strong alternative option if you find that you’ve repeated “sorry for bothering you” too many times and feel the need to diversify your language.

Here’s how you can use “I apologize for reaching out again” in your emails:

Dear Emma,

I apologize for reaching out again, but I just wanted to ask one more question about the event.

In particular, should we rent a venue with a liquor license?

Let me know.

Kind regards,

Sorry to Bug You (Informal)

Another way to say “sorry for bothering you” is “sorry to bug you.” This is an informal alternative, as “bug” is a more colloquial term for bothering somebody.

As such, you should only use this phrase when speaking to people you have a familiar and casual relationship with.

Furthermore, “sorry for bothering you” is a more versatile phrase than “sorry to bug you,” as it’s more professional and you can feel comfortable saying it to people you don’t know very well.

However, “sorry to bug you” is a good option to be aware of for when you want to switch up your phrasing.

Here’s how you can use “sorry to bug you” in your emails:

Hey Jude,

Sorry to bug you, but my computer is doing that weird thing again and I can’t figure out how to fix it.

Please come and have a look when you have a moment.


Is It Correct to Say “Sorry for Bothering You”?

“Sorry for bothering you” is a grammatically correct phrase that is appropriate to use in a professional setting.

It’s not considered to be particularly formal or informal, so you can use it when speaking to a wide range of people.

If you’re trying to figure out how to say “sorry for bothering you” in an email but want to use slightly different phrasings, then you could consider the alternatives below:

  • Sorry to bother you
  • Sorry for bothering you again
  • Sorry I’m bothering you

To conclude, “sorry to bother you” is a grammatically correct phrase that you can use in formal and informal circumstances, depending on the context.

Nonetheless, if you find our list of alternatives helpful, bookmark this page to keep them on hand!