10 Other Ways to Say “Sorry I Missed Your Call”

You’re bound to miss a few calls during a busy workday. But is it appropriate to say “sorry I missed your call” when you get back to someone?

In this article, we’ll answer that question. Moreover, we’ll show you how to apologize for a missed call in formal and informal circumstances.

Other Ways to Say “Sorry I Missed Your Call”

  • Sorry I didn’t answer
  • Sorry I missed you
  • I was in a meeting
  • I apologize for missing your call
  • Sorry, my phone died
  • I’m sorry I was unable to take your call earlier
  • I am sorry to have missed your call
  • Did you call me?
  • Sorry for missing your call


  • It is perfectly correct to say “sorry I missed your call,” and this phrase is appropriate for both formal and informal settings.
  • “Apologies, I was out of the office at the time of your call” is a more professional way to say “sorry I missed your call” at work.
  • In informal settings, you can say “sorry I didn’t answer.”

Don’t go anywhere! In the next section, we’ll discuss our favorite formal and informal synonyms for “sorry I missed your call” in more detail. We’ll even provide some useful examples!

After that, we’ll discuss the correctness of the original phrase.

Apologies, I Was Out of the Office at the Time of Your Call (Formal)

If you’re wondering how to say “sorry I missed your call” professionally, a great option to go with is “apologies, I was out of the office at the time of your call.”

This is a rather wordy phrase, but it has a lot of benefits.

Firstly, the inclusion of “apologies” is polite and formal. Therefore, you can use this phrase when you missed a call from anyone in a work setting, including your boss, a colleague, or a client.

Secondly, this phrase provides a reasonable excuse for not answering the phone. In particular, if you received a call out of office hours, it’s good to remind clients that you won’t be available outside of your workday!

Therefore, let’s see this phrase in an email example:

Dear Sarah,

Apologies, I was out of the office at the time of your call.

I am available now if you’d like to have a quick meeting.


Sorry I Didn’t Answer (Informal)

“Sorry I didn’t answer” is a good informal synonym for “sorry I missed your call.”

You can use it in a text message to a friend or family member. You can also use it with a colleague with whom you have a friendly dynamic.

In more casual circumstances, you don’t really need to explain why you failed to answer a call. It could be because you were busy, or perhaps you watched it ring because you prefer to text than talk on the phone. Your boundaries are valid!

Either way, it’s polite to say sorry. And it never hurts to find out why someone called in the first place.

Thus, let’s see this phrase in an example:

Hi Luke,

Sorry I didn’t answer when you called.

What’s up?

Is It Correct to Say “Sorry I Missed Your Call”?

The phrase “sorry I missed your call” is perfectly correct. In fact, you can use it in both formal and informal settings.

This phrase comes across as perfectly polite, so you can’t go wrong using it at work or when you’re simply speaking to friends or family.

Nonetheless, it is a pretty generic phrase. So, if you’re trying to figure out what to say instead of “sorry I missed your call” to keep your correspondence more diverse, our list of alternatives will certainly help!

We hope you found this article useful. If you think you might make use of our list of synonyms for “sorry I missed your call” in the future, feel free to bookmark this page! That way, you can return whenever you please.