19 Other Ways to Say “Speed Up the Process”

If you’re looking for alternative ways to say “speed up the process,” you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we provide a number of synonyms and alternative phrases that you can use in formal and informal settings. So, read on to find what you seek!

Other Ways to Say “Speed Up the Process”

  • Expedite
  • Take things up a notch
  • Speed things up
  • Streamline
  • Crank up
  • Jumpstart
  • Kickstart
  • Put pedal to the metal
  • Quicken the process
  • Accelerate
  • Shift gears
  • Make faster
  • Make fast
  • Pick up speed
  • Move it or lose it
  • Hasten
  • Step up
  • Spur on
  • Let it rip


  • The phrase “speed up the process” is grammatically correct and most suited for informal settings.
  • To change up your wording in casual settings, you can say “take things up a notch” as a fun, idiomatic alternative.
  • In formal circumstances, you can use the word “expedite” instead.

Stay right there! In the next section, we’ll unpack our favorite formal and informal synonyms for “speed up the process” in more detail.

Thereafter, we’ll consider whether the phrase “speed up the process” is correct to use. Should it actually be “speed up the progress”?

Expedite (Formal)

Another way to say “speed up the process” is “expedite.” This word means to make an action or process happen more quickly.

Therefore, it is a fairly direct synonym for the original phrase. Moreover, you can use this phrase in formal and professional circumstances. For example, you may regularly see this phrase used in confirmation emails or other formal correspondence.

“Expedite” is a better phrase to use than “speed up the process” in formal situations, as the latter phrase comes across as rather casual.

Therefore, let’s see an email example making use of this alternative:

Dear Customer,

We have received your inquiry, and a customer service representative will be in touch within 4 working days.

To expedite the processing of your request, please provide your reference number on all correspondence.

Brett Dartmouth

Take Things up a Notch (Informal)

If you’re looking for how to say “speed up the process” in informal circumstances, “take things up a notch” is a fun, idiomatic expression that you can use.

This phrase means to increase the intensity or quality of something. Therefore, you can use it to refer to increasing the speed of a process.

This phrase wouldn’t be suitable to use in formal settings or professional correspondence. However, you can use it in casual conversations with friends or in an email to a coworker if you have a close relationship.

Finally, let’s see an email sample making use of this phrase:

Dear Raisa,

We’ll have to take things up a notch if we want to get it done in time, so I’ve devised a simpler method to get all our data down, which you will find attached below.


Is It Correct to Say “Speed Up the Process”?

The phrase “speed up the process” is grammatically correct, although it is a somewhat informal phrase.

Therefore, in particularly formal circumstances, you may want to use one of the formal synonyms on our list instead.

In informal circumstances, “speed up the process” is a perfectly effective phrase. After all, a “process” refers to the series of steps you might take to achieve a particular end. It is possible, sometimes, to speed those steps up.

If you’re wondering whether it would be correct to say “speed up the progress,” we’ll discuss that next!

Essentially, “progress” refers to how far along you’ve come in a process. Therefore, speeding up your process will often mean that you are speeding up your progress as well. Unless disaster strikes!

As such, it is technically correct to say both “speed up the process” and “speed up the progress” as long as you are familiar with this slight difference in meaning.

In conclusion, the phrase “speed up the process” is informal but correct.

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