17 Other Ways to Say “Stay Up to Date”

It’s important to know what’s going on in the world around you. However, does the phrase “stay up to date” accurately describe this?

We’re here to answer that question while also providing some great alternative phrases that you can use in both formal and informal settings.

Other Ways to Say “Stay Up to Date”

  • Keep abreast
  • Be informed
  • Keep up
  • Be in the know
  • Keep informed
  • Keep an eye on
  • Monitor
  • Keep up with
  • Be clued in
  • Stay updated
  • Be aware
  • Get with the times
  • Stay in the loop
  • Stay wise
  • Keep tuned in
  • Stay on the same page
  • Stay in the picture


  • The phrase “stay up to date” is grammatically correct and suitable to use in formal and informal settings, depending on context.
  • A formal alternative to this phrase is “keep abreast.”
  • You can say “be informed” as a more informal alternative.

Stick around to see how we use our choice of formal and informal synonyms for “stay up to date” in a few examples.

After that, we’ll talk about the original phrase in more detail. Is it stay up to date or keep up to date?

Keep Abreast (Formal)

If you’re looking for a more formal way to say “stay up to date,” our alternative of choice is “keep abreast.”

Essentially, this phrase means that you are keeping up with the most recent facts about a certain thing or situation.

This is a good phrase to use if you want to sound professional, and it can be used in work correspondence.

Moreover, as “stay up to date” is a less formal phrase, this alternative may be more suitable where a more serious register is required.

Finally, consider the email example below to see this phrase in action:

Dear Sir,

I wanted to let you know that the Kimsky case has gone to trial, and I am in communication with Kimsky’s representatives at present.

I will keep abreast of any further developments and report back to you as soon as possible.

Britta Fieldhouse

Be Informed (Informal)

Another way to say “stay up to date” is “be informed.” This phrase is neither particularly formal nor informal, so you can use it in a variety of situations.

It won’t sound strange or stuffy in informal settings. Additionally, it can be used in the workplace or in more casual exchanges.

“Be informed” is not superior to the phrase “stay up to date.” However, you can use it to mix up your language if the original phrase starts to feel worn out.

Consider the workplace example below:

To impress us, your resume will have to show that you are commercially aware. That means you need to be informed about current business endeavors in the country.

Now, let’s look at a more casual example:

I like to be informed about social justice issues.

Is It Correct to Say “Stay Up to Date”?

The phrase “stay up to date” is grammatically correct and suitable to use in formal and informal settings, depending on the overall context.

Therefore, you can use our list of synonyms to change your phrasing here and there, but the original phrase is also perfectly effective.

In fact, here are a few examples of how you might employ this phrase:

  • Stay up to date with technology
  • Stay up to date on marketing trends

In addition, it would be just as effective to replace the verb “stay” with “be” or “keep.” The use of any of these verbs would be correct.

Moreover, it is perfectly correct to say “stay updated” instead of “stay up to date.” They mean precisely the same thing in most contexts. After all, if you’ve been updated, you should be up to date!

Furthermore, you should not hyphenate “up to date” in this phrase. In other words, “stay up-to-date” would be incorrect.

This is because hyphenating this phrase turns it into a phrasal adjective. Thus, you can only use it to describe a subject:

  • She’s a very up-to-date individual.
  • This is a very up-to-date textbook.

In conclusion, the phrase “stay up to date” is grammatically correct and suitable to use in most circumstances, whether formal or informal.

However, if you think you might want to switch things up using our synonyms, feel free to bookmark this page to keep them nearby!