13 Other Ways to Say “That’s So Nice of You”

So, someone has done something nice for you, and you want to know what to say. “That’s so nice of you” is a good phrase, but is it the most effective?

This article will look into another way to say “that’s so nice of you.” After all, there are plenty of great options out there.

Other Ways to Say “That’s So Nice of You”

  • You are so kind for doing that
  • You didn’t have to do that
  • Thank you so much for that
  • I really owe you one
  • I can’t believe you’ve done that for me
  • That’s very kind of you
  • That’s the kindest thing anyone’s ever done for me
  • How nice of you!
  • How very sweet!
  • You’re too kind
  • How kind!
  • Oh, wow! Thank you so much!
  • I’m in shock that you are so nice


  • “That’s so nice of you” is a great phrase, but it’s certainly not formal.
  • You should use “you are so kind for doing that” as a professional way to say the phrase.
  • “You didn’t have to do that” is a great conversational alternative that works well.

Each of these synonyms has a positive impact on different contexts! It’s worth looking into the most effective ones. So, keep reading to learn more about them.

Also, you can skip ahead to find out whether it’s correct to say “that’s so nice of you.” If you came here to learn more about the phrase, the final section is where you need to be!

You Are So Kind for Doing That (Formal)

You could use “you are so kind for doing that” formally to replace “that’s so nice of you.” It’s a fantastic synonym that shows you are taken aback by someone’s kindness.

Generally, you’ll use this phrase when thanking an employee who went above and beyond for you. It shows you did not expect them to do something to help, and you do not know how else to thank them.

“You are so kind for doing that” is great in both professional emails and general formal writing. It shows you are happy to receive help from someone and hope you can repay the favor.

It’s worth using “you are so kind for doing that” over “that’s so nice of you” in business contexts. It’s much more respectful, showing a more professional attitude toward the recipient.

These examples will show you how to use it appropriately:

Dear Peter,

I noticed you completed the paperwork for me this morning. You are so kind for doing that.

Kind regards,

You are so kind for doing that task for me. I had no idea you were going to be here before me.

You Didn’t Have to Do That (Informal)

“You didn’t have to do that” is great in informal contexts. It lets the other party know that they did something unexpected for you. It still shows gratitude, but it implies that they did not have to do whatever they did.

Try using it when speaking with coworkers who did a task without you asking them to. That way, it shows you are flattered that they offered their help, especially if you were stumped with the task for a while.

You can also use it when speaking to friends who have done something special for you.

Unfortunately, “you didn’t have to do that” isn’t very effective formally. “That’s so nice of you” is a little better, but it still misses a more professional tone. You should keep both phrases in informal settings to show appreciation.

Check out these examples to show you how to use it:

Oh, you didn’t have to do that! I’m very grateful you did, but I didn’t expect it at all.

You didn’t have to do that, Dani! Now I definitely feel like I owe you one!

Is It Correct to Say “That’s So Nice of You”?

“That’s so nice of you” is correct in many contexts. However, you should not use it in formal emails. It is not formal and should be left out of most written formal cases.

Instead, stick to using “that’s so nice of you” informally. It’s a great phrase to use when talking to friends or coworkers and thanking them for what they’ve done for you.

It shows you’re surprised that someone did something nice for you. It’s a great way to let them know how appreciative you are.

You may also use these variations:

  • That’s so nice of you to say
  • Thank you, that’s so nice of you
  • Aww, that’s so nice of you

Each of them is polite and friendly. However, they are still not good formally. You’ll have much more luck if you use them in conversational situations!

Feel free to bookmark this page if you ever need a reminder of how to use “that’s so nice of you” or any synonyms. That way, you’ll always have something different to include in your writing.