23 Other Ways to Say “To Do So”

“To do so” is a rather stuffy and formal phrase. Therefore, it wouldn’t be suitable to use it in every circumstance.

If you’re struggling to come up with a good alternative phrase, we’re here to help! Below, you’ll find a list of formal and informal synonyms for “to do so” to keep your writing and correspondence fresh!

Other Ways to Say “To Do So”

  • To that end
  • For this to work
  • To get that done
  • Doing so
  • Doing that
  • By doing this
  • In doing that
  • In order to
  • To do that
  • In performing that
  • In carrying this out
  • By pursuing this
  • As a result
  • To do as much
  • To accomplish this
  • For this purpose
  • To achieve this
  • In that way
  • In the interest of
  • In the furtherance of
  • To complete that
  • With that goal
  • For that reason


  • “To do so” is a grammatically correct phrase, but it is considered quite formal.
  • To change your phrasing in formal situations, you can also use “to that end.”
  • In informal settings, you can say “for this to work.”

Stay put! We still need to discuss our favorite formal and informal synonyms for “to do so” in more detail.

After that, we’ll discuss the correctness of the original phrase. It is considered very formal?

To That End (Formal)

“To that end” is another way to say “to do so” in formal circumstances.

Firstly, this phrase means “for that goal” or “for that reason.” In many circumstances, it is interchangeable with the phrase “to do so.”

Secondly, this formal synonym is not a better phrase than “to do so.” However, you can use this alternative to avoid repetition in your formal correspondence or writing.

Consider the email example below to see this phrase in action:

Dear Bruce,

It has been suggested by the trainers that our new recruits obtain firsthand experience at the outset.

To that end, we will need to re-strategize our current onboarding mechanisms.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on the matter.


For This to Work (Informal)

An alternative way of saying “to do so” is “for this to work.” This is a more casual and informal alternative that you can use in conversations with friends or colleagues.

“For this to work” is not a better phrase than “to do so,” but it is more conversational. It is not always directly interchangeable with “to do so” either.

Therefore, consider the email example below to see one of the ways that “for this to work” can replace “to do so” in a sentence:

Dear Theo,

The online filing system has crashed, so it looks like we’ll be working with paper for the Henrol file.

For this to work, it will be necessary to return to the office.

All the best,

Is It Correct to Say “To Do So”?

The phrase “to do so” is grammatically correct. Moreover, it is a rather formal phrase.

Therefore, you will likely see this phrase in formal essays or professional correspondence. It is unlikely to be used in casual scenarios.

Thus, if you’re ever looking for a more casual alternative, our list of synonyms should assist you. Moreover, you can use our list if you want to diversify your correspondence once “to do so” starts to feel worn out.

Finally, let’s look at a few example sentences making use of this phrase:

I will not try to argue that I was honest at all times – to do so would be an insult to your intelligence.

You must rehome her, as failure to do so would be grossly irresponsible.

He begged me to take his side, but I refused to do so.

We will now mold our pastry. To do so, we will need a clean, flat surface.

We hope you found this article useful. If you think you might like to try one of the synonyms on our list in the future, why not bookmark this page so you can find it with ease?