11 Other Ways to Say “You Can Reach Me at This Number”

Are you giving someone your number to contact you later? Well, you could say “you can reach me at this number.” However, is that the most effective phrase?

Don’t worry. This article will answer that and give you some great alternatives to say instead.

Other Ways to Say “You Can Reach Me at This Number”

  • Contact me on this number
  • Find me here
  • You can find me at this number
  • Call me on this number
  • You can get me on this number
  • Give me a ring on this mobile number
  • Reach out to this number
  • Holler on this number
  • Call me
  • Ring me
  • You can catch me at this number


  • “You can reach me at this number” is a good instruction that is correct and polite when someone needs to contact you.
  • “Contact me on this number” is more direct, making it excellent as a formal or business synonym.
  • Try using “find me here” if you want a more conversational and informal phrase.

There are plenty of options available. It’s worth continuing through the article if you want to learn more about the most popular synonyms.

We’ll also touch on whether it’s correct to say the phrase. That way, you’ll know whether you can write it or whether you’re better with a different way to say “you can reach me at this number.”

Contact Me on This Number (Formal)

“Contact me on this number” is by far one of the best formal synonyms for “you can reach me at this number.” Using “contact me” gives off a more professional tone that comes across much stronger in your writing.

This phrase works as a call to action. It means you can provide someone with your mobile or work number and get them to contact you when they need it.

Generally, you’ll want to use this in formal speaking or writing over “you can reach me at this number.” It sounds more professional and respectful. It also makes you sound more important, which will help if you want to sound like you have things under control.

Here are some email examples that will help you understand the formal version:

Dear George,

You can contact me on this number if you think of anything else you might need.

Let me know,

Find Me Here (Informal)

“Find me here” gives you an option for how to say “you can reach me at this number” conversationally. It works as an informal synonym because it gives someone a chance to “find” you rather than “contact” you.

But why does “find” work better informally?

Well, it comes down to the verb choice. “Find” implies that someone has to look for you by contacting your number. “Contact” or “call” are simple commands telling someone what they need to do. “Find” is an interesting instruction that keeps things fresh and exciting.

Also, “here” is used in this phrase instead of “at this number.” That means you have to direct someone’s attention towards your number when using “here” so they understand the best way to contact you.

We recommend using this form when messaging your friends. It lets them know where to “find you” if they need you at a later time.

Have a look through these examples to see how you can use it:

Of course, you can find me here: 123-456-789. I would like to hear from you soon.

Find me here if that works for you: 123-456-789. Also, let me know if you figure out what to do next.

Is It Correct to Say “You Can Reach me at This Number”?

“You can reach me at this number” is grammatically correct and polite.

It encourages someone to use the number provided to contact you if they have any problems or questions.

“Reach me” is synonymous with words like “call” or “contact.” It shows someone that you’ll answer them if they call the provided number.

You may find slight prepositional differences between some phrases. For example:

  • You can reach me at this number.
  • You can reach me on this number.

“At” and “on” work interchangeably here. You can use them when you have specified the number you’d like to be contacted on. Native speakers do not differentiate between “at” and “on” in this context, making them both suitable.

Luckily, you don’t have to remember the differences between “at” and “on.” Still, if you need further reminders, you can always come back to this page at a later time.