11 Other Ways to Say “You Guys”

So, you want a formal way of saying “you guys” that works in different contexts. Well, there are plenty of options.

This article will look at what to say instead of “you guys” to keep your writing fresh and interesting.

Other Ways to Say “You Guys”

  • All
  • My people
  • You lot
  • You
  • Everyone
  • Everybody
  • All of you
  • Everyone here
  • Guys
  • Friends
  • Guys and girls


  • “You guys” is a gender-neutral term that allows you to refer to anyone you’re speaking to, regardless of gender.
  • “All” is a more generic term that works well in formal contexts.
  • You could say “my people” for a fun and interesting conversational alternative.

Don’t leave us yet! There’s plenty more where that came from. We’ll explore more about these synonyms and how they work. We’ve covered the best options in the following sections.

Also, you can read ahead to learn whether it’s rude to say “you guys.” Then, you’ll understand more about it and whether it’s appropriate.

All (Formal)

“All” is another word for “you guys” that works well in formal contexts. You should use it as a blanket term to address a group of people.

It is gender-neutral, so it will work for men and women.

“All” is one of the best terms to use when referring to a group. However, you should remember that it is impersonal. It works well professionally because you don’t have to know people well when writing formal emails.

You may want to use it when addressing a team at work. It shows you have something to say that affects multiple people at once. For instance, you might be absent from work, and the whole team will need to know.

We encourage using “all” over “you guys” in every business context. It’s much more professional, so you’ll have more success with it.

You may benefit from referring to these examples:

Dear All,

I’m not going to be around for the rest of the semester. I hope you can find a way to continue the project without me.


I miss you all. I’m sure there will come a time when we can reconvene and discuss new changes in our lives.

My People (Informal)

“My people” is a fun and informal synonym for “you guys.” You should use it when addressing groups of friends.

The use of “my” suggests that you possess the “people.” In this instance, “my people” means you hold the group of people close to your heart. It’s a great way to include everyone you care about in the same message.

For instance, you can use it when you want to say something to a group of your friends. You might be giving a speech, and saying “my people” will address all the people you consider your closest friends in the room.

We don’t recommend using “my people” or “you guys” in formal contexts. They are both much better for conversational situations. You should find a more suitable professional alternative if you want to sound more respectful.

Why not refer to the following examples to see how it works:

Hey my people,

Nobody seems to get me, so I’m reaching out to you! Have you got any ideas for what we can do at this party?

My kindest wishes,

You are all my people. I wouldn’t hang out with you if I didn’t get on with you! Remember that!

Is It Rude to Say “You Guys”?

“You guys” is not rude to say. You can include it in many written cases to refer to everyone. It’s a gender-neutral term, meaning that both men and women apply when you say “guys.”

However, it’s not professional. You should avoid using it in business contexts because there are much better synonyms that sound polite and formal. You should only say “you guys” in informal contexts when addressing friends, family, or colleagues you’re close with.

Of course, you should bookmark this page to remind yourself of the best synonyms. Then, you’ll have plenty of great options to refer to groups of people.