12 Synonyms for “Quick Learner” on Your Resume

So, you want to show a potential employer that you’re a quick learner. It’s great to include it in a cover letter or resume, but is it the only phrase available?

Luckily, this article is here to answer that question. If you want another way to say “quick learner,” you’ve come to the right place!

Quick Learner Synonyms

  • Retentive
  • Receptive to training
  • Adept
  • Great listener
  • Active listener
  • Detail-oriented
  • Focused
  • Adaptable
  • Smart
  • Capable of retaining knowledge
  • Fast learner
  • Ability to learn quickly


  • You can call yourself a quick learner if you pick things up quickly, as it’s a good skill to have.
  • “Retentive” is a great one-word alternative for your CV.
  • You could try “receptive to training” if you want to sound more professional with a phrase in your resume.

Keep reading to learn more about the most effective synonyms for “quick learner.” We’ve covered some great options to help you with it.
You can also skip to the final section to learn more about “quick learner.” We’ve explained whether it’s a skill worth demonstrating in a resume.


“Retentive” is another word for “quick learner” that works well. You can use it in formal resumes to demonstrate that you retain information and knowledge better than most people.

The definition of “retentive,” according to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is “retaining knowledge easily.”

If you want to impress an employer, you should let them know how well you retain information. After all, the easier you learn, the more impressive you’ll appear.

Being retentive also shows an employer that you learn quickly and don’t need much training. Therefore, they don’t have to invest as many resources to train you for a new role.

We certainly recommend using “retentive” over “quick learner” in some instances. That way, you’ll always have something different to include in a resume that will mix up your vocabulary.

Here are some examples showing you how to use it:

I am very retentive when provided with new information. Therefore, I’m sure I’ll be a great addition to the team.

I am retentive and enjoy learning new procedures. You can refer to my past experiences to learn more about this.

Receptive to Training

“Receptive to training” is a great phrase to show an employer that you learn quickly. You should use it to show that you don’t need much training to pick up new things, especially in a new job role.

It’s a very positive trait to bring with you to the workplace. The easier you are to train, the more desirable you become as a candidate.

So, if you include “receptive to training” in your CV, you’ll likely find yourself getting job offers all over the place. Employers will always be more interested in those who can learn on the job and understand what’s required of them quickly.

Of course, you should try using “receptive to training” in some cases and “quick learner” in others. Both are effective phrases, allowing you to mix things up between resumes.

Check out these examples to see how it might work in a resume:

I am very receptive to training, which has helped elevate my position at my current company.

Naturally, I am receptive to training because of my time in this position.

Is Being a Quick Learner a Skill?

Being a quick learner is a skill. If you can let a potential employer know that you can pick things up quickly, you’re certain to sway them in your favor.

The quicker you can learn, the less training you’ll need. Employers will look at the fact you’re a quick learner and see it as a strength that helps to reduce the time taken to get you up to speed.

It’s not a talent, though. It’s certainly a learned skill (or a soft skill) that you can pick up over time. So, if you’re not a quick learner, you can always invest some time into research and learning techniques that will help you later.

Feel free to bookmark this page if you want to remind yourself of some of the best synonyms for “quick learner.” That way, you’ll always have something interesting to include in your resume.