10 Synonyms for “Self-Starter” on Your Resume

So, you want to demonstrate that you are a self-starter, but you’re not sure how to do it. Well, there are plenty of great synonyms available for your resume.

This article will explore what to say instead of “self-starter” on your resume. There are some excellent alternatives ready to use.

Self-Starter Synonyms

  • Enterpriser
  • Proactive employee
  • Motivated
  • Highflier
  • Go-getter
  • Overachiever
  • Individualist
  • Eager
  • Keen
  • Enthusiastic and ready to deliver


  • “Self-starter” is a decent choice on a resume, although it’s quite outdated and redundant.
  • You could say “enterpriser” to show you are ambitious and willing to test yourself.
  • “Proactive employee” is a great phrasal alternative to mix things up.

There are plenty of great alternatives to include in a CV. Keep reading to learn how to say “self-starter” on your resume in more professional and reliable ways.

We’ve also explained whether you should say “self-starter” at all. Skip to the final section to learn more about how it works and when to use it.


“Enterpriser” is a great synonym for “self-starter.” You can use it to show initiative in a business setting. It lets an employer know you will do whatever you can to push yourself and get your work done.

The definition of “enterpriser,” according to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is “one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.”

Enterprisers are often the best employees. After all, they will go above and beyond to try and impress their peers. So, it will certainly make you a desirable option if you let an employer know you can handle yourself in business settings as an enterpriser.

Of course, we recommend using “enterpriser” over “self-starter” on your resume and in cover letters. It’s much more effective because it shows more spirit and confidence in yourself.

You may benefit from referring to these examples:

I am an enterpriser, so I will push myself to get the best out of my team. You can count on me to work with everyone.

As an enterpriser, I pride myself on finding the solution quickly. Nobody works as hard as me.

Proactive Employee

“Proactive employee” is a great phrasal alternative to use. It shows that you like to set yourself targets to achieve. It also lets an employer know that you will find your own work if they don’t provide any for you.

It’s always good to hire proactive people. Employers seek them out because they’re much easier to manage. They know that proactive employees will always look for ways to fill their time and keep themselves occupied.

You should certainly use “proactive employee” over “self-starter” on your resume. It’s very useful because it shows you are desirable and handy to have in a workplace. Most employers won’t be able to refuse you.

You can check out the following examples to help you with it:

I pride myself on being a proactive employee. Therefore, I think it’s very important to challenge yourself and look for new hurdles to overcome.

Being a proactive employee allows me to explore new avenues with what I do. That’s why I have such a good time learning at work.

Should You Say “Self-Starter” on Your Resume?

You can say you are a “self-starter” on your resume, though it’s a bit redundant. Most employers expect you to motivate yourself. Therefore, everyone should be a “self-starter” when applying for a job.

Mentioning that you are a self-starter won’t add much to your resume. It is not a skill that’s worth mentioning often. Above all else, it’s very repetitive and overused. Employers would have seen it time and again in other CVs and cover letters.

Here is how you might write it if you included it in a resume:

  • I am a self-starter looking to improve my understanding of this line of work.

You should always hyphenate the phrase. “Self-” is a prefix that must come before the root word. So, you should always hyphenate “self-” words to show the connection.

You should bookmark this page to remind you of a word for being a self-starter. There are much better alternatives out there, and you should stick with them.