13 Other Ways to Say “Thanks for Asking”

It’s always courteous to thank someone when they show an interest in your life, but saying “thanks for asking” over and over again will eventually get dull.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of useful alternative phrases for you to use at work or in your daily life. No thanks needed!

Other Ways to Say “Thanks for Asking”

  • It’s kind of you to ask
  • Thank you for caring
  • Your concern is appreciated
  • Appreciate your concern
  • Appreciate your interest
  • Thank you for making sure
  • Thank you for checking
  • Appreciate the question
  • Thank you for your query
  • Thank you for the considerate question
  • I’m glad you checked first
  • It was good of you to check first
  • Thank you for your concern


  • “Thank you for asking” is grammatically correct and you can use it in both professional and informal settings.
  • “It’s kind of you to ask” is a courteous and professional alternative that you can use to change your phrasing from time to time.
  • “Thanks for caring” can be used in informal circumstances, particularly in response to questions from friends, family, and close colleagues.

Don’t click away just yet! Next up, we’ll discuss our favorite formal and informal synonyms for “thanks for asking.” Furthermore, we’ll provide a few helpful example sentences.

Thereafter, we’ll discuss the correctness of “thanks for asking.” Is this phrase considered rude?

It’s Kind of You to Ask (Formal)

“It’s kind of you to ask” is a good example of how to say “thanks for asking” in a professional or formal setting.

Firstly, this phrase is very polite and courteous, while also coming across as sincere.

You can use it when your employer or colleagues take an interest in your well-being, offer something, or invite you to something.

“Thanks for asking” is a perfectly suitable response as well, but you can use “it’s kind of you to ask” to mix up your language from time to time.

Let’s see this phrase used in a couple of example sentences:

It’s kind of you to ask, but I will be at a conference on that date.

My operation went very well, actually! It’s kind of you to ask.

Thank You for Caring (Informal)

As far as informal synonyms go, we’d say “thanks for caring” is as good as any other!

This phrase is similar to “thanks for asking” but presupposes that someone is asking about you because they care about you or your situation.

Consequently, this phrase might be presumptuous in a professional setting, as your coworker or employer could be asking about you because it is courteous and polite to do so, not because they personally care.

Thus, we would recommend sticking to “thanks for asking” at work to be safe, unless the question comes from a coworker you are close to.

You can also use this phrase when speaking to friends or family since it is normal to expect that they do indeed care about you.

Finally, let’s see this phrase in a couple of examples:

I’m doing okay, actually.  Thanks for caring!

There’s not much anyone can do to make me feel better, but thanks for caring enough to ask.

Is It Correct to Say “Thanks for Asking”?

The phrase “thanks for asking” is perfectly grammatically correct. Additionally, you can use it in both formal and informal circumstances.

When said with a sincere tone of voice, this phrase is a polite and courteous response to a question.

It can come across as rude and impatient, however, if you say it while rolling your eyes or sighing. As usual, context is key!

In summary, our list of synonyms should help you mix up your language from time to time, but the original phrase is perfectly effective in its own right.

With that in mind, let’s see a few variations of the original phrase for you to use as you please:

  • Thank you for asking
  • Thanks for asking, though
  • Thanks for asking me
  • I am feeling better now, thanks for asking

In conclusion, “thanks for asking” is grammatically correct and suitable for professional or informal usage.

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