12 Other Ways to Say “Thanks for the Invite”

Whether you’re an introvert looking for ways to politely decline or an extrovert trying to sound casual when you emphatically accept, there’s such a thing as invitation etiquette!

In this article, we’ll discuss the correctness of the phrase “thanks for the invite” and provide some synonyms you can use to make your responses more interesting!

Other Ways to Say “Thanks for the Invite”

  • Appreciate the invitation
  • Thanks for thinking of me
  • Thank you for the invitation
  • Appreciate the offer
  • Thanks for inviting
  • Thank you for considering me
  • The invitation is much appreciated
  • Thank you for having me
  • Thanks for asking
  • Thank you for your hospitality
  • I’m grateful for the invite
  • Thanks for including me


  • “Thanks for the invite” is grammatically correct but should only be used informally.
  • To keep your language varied, you can use “thanks for thinking of me” in informal circumstances as well.
  • As a professional alternative,you can say “appreciate the invitation.”

We’re not finished yet! Stick around to see a couple of example sentences using our choice of professional and informal synonyms for “thanks for the invite.”

Then, we’ll look at the correctness of the phrase “thanks for the invite.” Is it “invite” or “invitation”?

Appreciate the Invitation (Formal)

“Appreciate the invitation” is essentially another way to say “thanks for the invite” more professionally.

You can use it to politely accept or decline an invitation in a formal setting.

This phrase is sincere and polite without coming across as overly familiar.

“Appreciate the invitation” may be better suited as a response to an invite to a formal or work event than “thanks for the invite.” After all, it doesn’t use the informal version of the noun “invitation” or the shortened version of “thank you.”

Let’s see how this phrase might be used in a sentence:

I appreciate the invitation but will not be attending due to a prior commitment.

We greatly appreciate the invitation! Is there anything we can bring?

Thanks for Thinking of Me (Informal)

If you’re unsure how to thank someone for inviting you over in, say, a text message, our favorite option is “thanks for thinking of me.”

This phrase is great for informal circumstances when you want to come across as sincere but casual.

Although it doesn’t contain any slang, we still wouldn’t recommend responding to formal invitations in this manner. It would be better to choose something more impersonal in response to an invitation to a formal dinner or work event, for instance.

“Thanks for the invite” is still a perfectly effective informal phrase, but you can use this synonym to mix up your language from time to time.

Finally, let’s see this phrase used in a couple of example sentences:

Thanks for thinking of me – I’d love to come!

I’m afraid I have a work function that weekend, but thanks for thinking of me!

Is It Correct to Say “Thanks for the Invite”?

“Thanks for the invite” is perfectly grammatically correct but it’s more suited as a response to an informal invitation than a formal one.

It’s probably the best response to any casual invitation, but you can use one of our other informal synonyms to shake things up from time to time.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to use the original phrase, there are plenty of ways to alter it according to the context. Let’s look at a few variations that you can use in your messages:

  • Thank you for the invite
  • Thanks for the invitation
  • Thank you for your invitation
  • Thanks for the invite but I won’t be able to make it

If you’re unsure about the difference between “invite” and “invitation,” don’t fret! We’ll deal with that in the next section.

Basically, “invite” is just the shortened version of “invitation.” You can use it informally or colloquially. It isn’t “slang” per se, but it just isn’t considered formal either.

So, in short, “thank you for the invitation” can be used formally.

Thanks for the invite” can be used informally.

In conclusion, “thanks for the invite” is grammatically correct but should only be used in informal settings. As a formal alternative, you can use “appreciate the invitation.”

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